Will any mini usb charger work?Accessories

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  1. Harb

    Harb Well-Known Member

  2. ChilledMatt

    ChilledMatt Well-Known Member

    Yes, it should be fine.
  3. 23james

    23james Active Member

    what about those like aa battery charger things. can get them on ebay for like
  4. NiNi

    NiNi G1/Cliq Guide

    as long as the plug fits it will charge, but it wont be as fast as an official charger
  5. trick202

    trick202 Well-Known Member

    Yep. Mini USB works on hero, but hero charger doesn't fit into mini usb devices (only angled on one side)
  6. my05

    my05 Active Member

    I don't want to be the one bringing the bad news...

    I bought a Nokia multi-charger (one with multiple, removable connectors) for my old htc tytn and when i use this with my G1 (with the mini-usb connector) it does not charge the phone at all. It does not even lights up the led on top. The actual charger is a wall-socket connector, a standard usb-connector (coupled with the wall-socket piece) which ends in a small, round connector (to which you add whatever connector is appropriate for your phone. It comes with 10 different adapters).

    Having said all this, if i replace the cable that came with this kit with a standard usb->mini-usb data cable and use that instead, it works perfectly.

    Just something to keep in mind :)

    Kind regards

  7. camdz

    camdz Well-Known Member

    Check out monoprice.com. I just purchased 3 wall chargers and 2 car chargers for less than $9 after shipping. The cost of the chargers by themselves was $5.87.

    These are for a different phone, but are mini usb. I have not received my order so I cant verify that they work, but I dont see why they would not? You will be hard pressed to find better prices with the same level of customer service. Its one of my favorites sites.

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