Will Best Buy activate the phone?

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  1. jeffdlb

    jeffdlb Well-Known Member

    When I buy the Evo at Best Buy (pre-ordered), will they activate it in-store, or must I call Sprint and wait while they do something? I am already a Sprint customer and merely upgrading my line.

  2. desairs

    desairs Member

    Yes they will definitely activate it in-store. This is part of their policy. I was actually asking them if I could have the phone unactivated, but they are unable to do this due to some Sprint anti-fraud measure.
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  3. Dutch54

    Dutch54 Well-Known Member

    BB told me, here in Los Angeles at least, that they activate T Mobile, Sprint, and ATT when you pickup/purchase the phone instore.
  4. dirkbonn

    dirkbonn Well-Known Member

    Yes, desairs, I pretty sure you are correct, and for the Sprint anti-fraud measure you site. Here's what could happen if BB doesn't activate the phone. The customer takes the phone home, doesn't activate it, but instead sells it for $399. (Thus making about a $200 profit) The new owner takes the phone to sprint and wants to activate it with no contract on a "month-to-month"
  5. jrog28

    jrog28 Well-Known Member

    what if the line i am upgrading isnt the line i want to activate the evo on?
  6. desairs

    desairs Member

    This is exactly what I'm going to be doing. Basically what you'll have to do is activate the phone on the line you are upgrading. Once you leave the store you'll be able to call Sprint and they'll take the EVO off of this line and activate it on the line of your choice. I know this 100% for sure. I did the same with the Palm Pre and the Touch Pro 2.

    If it means anything, I talked to a Sprint rep and they agreed that this was possible and the best way to go about it.
  7. jrog28

    jrog28 Well-Known Member

    Ok, so i will have to call sprint to activate evo on the desired line and then call again to put the other line back to the original?
  8. desairs

    desairs Member

    Yes but in reverse order.

    1) Go to BB or RS and buy the phone. They'll activate it on the upgraded line. We'll call this line A

    2) Go home and activate the old phone back onto line A.

    3) Activate the Evo on the desired line. We'll call this line B just for kicks.

    Now you have the original phone on line A and the and EVO on line B

    I hope this helps!
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  9. Doomstang

    Doomstang Well-Known Member

    I'll be doing this process but I heard that you can tell Best Buy or RS that you want to upgrade using one line and activate using another...if not, its easy enough for me to stop by the Sprint store and get it easily sorted out (since I'll probably want them to transfer contacts and stuff from line A's old phone to the newer phone given to A from B).

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