Will Google Play Recognize My Root

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  1. Laughingcat

    Laughingcat Member

    Thinking seriously about rooting my Gingerbread phone to ICS or better.

    Will Google Play recognize the new operating system (probably not) and if not is there any way I can notify Google of the updated OS so I can have access to newer Apps?


  2. Encerspay

    Encerspay Well-Known Member

    Hey, Mark! Welcome to the forums.
    You might want to check out the subforum specific to the device you're considering rooting.
    If you want, I could move this thread to the appropriate subforum so that you'll get the best possible help. Just let me know. :)
    On my Optimus V, I rooted it to CM7 Gingerbread and I could install apps designed for CM7 Gingerbread, but not apps designed for CM9 Ice Cream Sandwich.
    When I flashed CM9 Ice Cream Sandwich, I could then install CM9 Ice Cream Sandwich apps.
    So I'm going to guess Google Play will recognize the new Android Version.
  3. Laughingcat

    Laughingcat Member

    Encerspay, yes please do move it if you feel it would be more helpful.

    Huawei Mercury.

    So Google Play has a way of knowing what OS is being used by the phone? If it does that would be fantastic.

    Another quick question............ Rooting is allowing us to get to SU, correct? And flashing is.............. (the same thing)?

    What is it called when we upgrade the OS?

  4. Encerspay

    Encerspay Well-Known Member

    Thread moved! :)

    Yes, rooting a phone gives you total administrative permission with su.
    Flashing is something you can do once you are rooted and have a recovery.
    You flash ROMs onto your phone, which are basically new software.
    ROMs vary from android version 2.2 to 4.2.
    I'd recommend that after rooting and getting a recovery you look into CM9 ICS ROMs since those are the ones that run 4.0.

    I'm fairly sure Google Play will recognize the new version of Android. However, I don't think this will increase your catalog of apps too much.
    If the app was incompatible before due to software, it'll most likely be compatible now.
    If the app was incompatible before due to hardware, there really isn't much you can do.
  5. Jesus359

    Jesus359 Well-Known Member

    Right now there is only a kernel to overclock (make faster) this phone. There are no ROMs that work fully as of right now, but they are being worked on. Be careful when flashing and re,ember to ALWAYS make a backup. On CWM just go to backup and restore>backup. Make the backup as soon as yu root your phone and have CWM. Cricketusers.com has more support than this, i suggest going there.

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