Will ICS OS Upgrade remove rootingSupport

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  1. tckosvic

    tckosvic New Member

    I have samsung captivate glide with android with OS 2.3.6 (gingerbread?). I've been a unix/linux guy for a few decades but am new to phone android OS. I am wondering if I root this phone and then upgrade soon to ICS will my rooting prevent upgrade or might I need to do the rooting again.

    Perhaps it's best to just wait a bit, upgrade to ICS and then root.

    Thanks for ideas,
    Tom Kosvic

  2. idulkoan

    idulkoan Active Member

    if your currently rooted, it wont effect your upgrade to ics. BUT upgrading WILL take your root away. but there should be a way to root it on ics..
    my question is if I upgrade to ics on a unlcoked phone will it become network locked again?
  3. babelsquirrel

    babelsquirrel Active Member

    I just upgraded then rooted.

    Rooting ICS was fairly straight forward for me. I used Odin to install CWMR. Then used CMWR to install the appropriate zip from here Superuser

    Whole thing took maybe 15 minutes.

    Usual disclaimer: If you break your phone it is your problem. This is just a rough account of what I did. Your results may vary.
  4. idulkoan

    idulkoan Active Member

    is updating to ics worth it? what are the bugs ? i ordered this phone, and it says its unlocked, so if I update to ics will the phone become locked again to at&t?
  5. babelsquirrel

    babelsquirrel Active Member

    Unlike with the first ICS upgrade that was pulled, I haven't noticed any bugs yet. The main advantage I see is the option to encrypt the /data partition.

    Mine is unlocked by code. I purchased the phone locked to AT&T and then purchased the unlock code from someone several months ago. It remained unlocked when I upgraded. Has a T-mobile SIM in it right now.
  6. TVCCS

    TVCCS Well-Known Member

    As an FYI...I had my phone unlocked by code when it had Gingerbread. Updating to ICS did not remove the unlock...my phone is stock and not rooted.

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