Will My Tattoo Ever Work On AT&Ts 3g Network

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  1. peraknowya

    peraknowya New Member

    Hello all ;-) Im new to this forum so please bare with me..I recently purchased a brand new unlocked HTC Tattoo from overseas, I live in the United States and my carrier is AT&T. My question is the HTC tattoo is a quad band phone that runs off of frequencys gsm/gprs/edge: 850/900/1800/1900...which are excactly the same bands that at&t uses for there 3g network..I made sure the phone was going to be able to read those specific bands before purchasing. To my dissapointment when I inserted my sim card all my phone would recieve is At&t edge network (2g). I called At&t customer service and of course they couldnt figure out why my phone wasnt recieving the 3g signal. I then called HTC customer service and they told me that its true that my phone is a quad-band phone but apparently its the european version??? FRom what he told me is AT&T does use the bands 850/900/1800/1900 but that they are in the (UMTS) versions of the bands...can enyone explain this to me..what is the difference from (GSM) and (GSM)UMTS)..he told me that my phone will recieve 3g coverage anywheres else in the world practically but the united states...im very dissapointed at this news being that I just got my phone and it kinda renders it useless if I can't use it on the 3g network. Does anyone else have any answers??????????

  2. symond

    symond Well-Known Member

    if its uk version than its never ganna work on 3g no matter what phone you buy from uk

    european phone never will pick up 3g in us..i dont know about asian and made in thailand version i have made in thailand phone but again im on t-mobile with the lowest data plan soo i dont know about 3g will work on asian version or not

    i might try to check it with my frnds sim tho and will let u know
  3. peraknowya

    peraknowya New Member

    How is the T_mobile network by the way..is it comparable to at&ts at all? and yes its the european version....so im basically stuck with it huh
  4. Huw

    Huw Well-Known Member

    I'm forced to use 2G myself because Orange's 3G coverage is poo. I wouldn't go so far as to call it useless; I mostly view the mobile-optimised versions of websites where the difference is minimal. Using something like Maps can be a bit painful, but it works.
  5. symond

    symond Well-Known Member

    t-mobile network has been really good with my tattoo never exprienced bad network or slow connection at all on my net and its actully really fast too

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