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Will NFC work with this case on?Tips

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  1. strausd

    strausd Well-Known Member

  2. suprmallet

    suprmallet Well-Known Member

    I have a TPU case on my LTE EVO, which has NFC, and it works perfectly.
  3. strausd

    strausd Well-Known Member

    That's good to hear. Do you know what the maximum distance is for NFC? I was worried they had to physically come into contact with each other.
  4. JunBringer

    JunBringer Well-Known Member

    They don't have to physically come into contact fyi. My NFC worked fine on my Galaxy Note with a Seidio Active case, which is actually two cases. I wouldn't worry.
  5. spriteboost

    spriteboost Well-Known Member

    no it doesn't have to come in contact with it its a magnetic field so it has to be in range of the field depending on how far the field goes i really don't know but i'm sure a case or a little a stack of 10 pages u probably could still charge it idk tho just my speculation :O
  6. strausd

    strausd Well-Known Member

    What about wireless charging?
  7. spriteboost

    spriteboost Well-Known Member

    sorry wrong thing nfc n wireless two diff things i'm newb lolz :D sorry :)

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