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Will Not Install!!Support

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  1. createdn6days

    createdn6days New Member

    Can anyone find a decent game app that WILL INSTALL??
    Angry Birds
    Fruit Ninja
    Plants Vs Zombies
    None of these apps will install....is this tablet just for looks? Considering returning it unless anyone out there can educate me on what I'm doing wrong. Anyone else having same trouble?

  2. DroidUser662

    DroidUser662 New Member

    Just had to update the t301, after several painful attempts, on Christmas Day and then, then found out that this device does not support any of the games you listed. It will surf the net, will do Facebook, but will not play videos off of YouTube. This was a terrible purchase on our behalf. I think I should have done a little more research before purchasing this one pound, modified, Android device. Hope this helps.
  3. RikerJesus

    RikerJesus New Member

    It's funny: I got mine to install and load World War only to find that it automatically loaded into someone else's account. Talk about a security issue.
  4. hrub36

    hrub36 New Member

    So far I have learned that the cruz t301 doesn't really do much. I can check E-mail, Facebook, and read books.
    I have gotten a trial version of plants vs zombies to work, but the full game doesn't install. I am disappointed by the lack of apps you can use or even purchase.

    If anyone knows good apps or games to download it would be appreciated.
  5. androidvuasc

    androidvuasc New Member

    Have you tried to upload to Android OS 2.2? Ver 2.2 will support Flash and Angry Bird
  6. ChudleyOne

    ChudleyOne Well-Known Member

    This tablet uses a different processor & chipset than the ARM processor most tablets are using. Angry Birds will NOT run on this tablet. You can get the Android Marketplace to load but it will be missing 75% of the apps you want since they aren't compatible with the T301 processor.

    Email, FB, ereader & light browsing is about everything I get it to do. Some games will load but none of the popular ones.

    UPDATE: The original version of Angry Birds will not run on this tablet. There is an updated Angry Birds that is compatible now. There are many games & apps being updated in the past couple months that will run on the T301. Check here & other Android boards for updated lists. This tablet is getting a 2nd life with these updated apps.

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