Will Optimus 2X get 2.4?Support

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  1. wanner

    wanner New Member

    Do you think the Optimus 2X will get an upgrade to 2.4? Since 2.4 seems to be a pretty important release with support for honeycomb applications and dual core support It would be sad to see the 2X stuck at 2.3 (whenever that will be avaliable...).

    IMO they should skip 2.3 and go straight from 2.2 -> 2.4

  2. phillevy

    phillevy Well-Known Member

    I would take nothing for granted - 2.3 would be a result, but yes 2.4 better still. It would be very likely LG will delay any update with the excuse that they are holding out for 2.4 :( What is more important to me is the developer support because that will make LG's updating less important. Because of dev support I'm running 2.3 on my Hero which has long been abandoned by HTC.
  3. BitHeroes

    BitHeroes Active Member

    I think it has been stated that the Nexus S is one of the only devices that will actually ship with 2.3. I would like to think that LG would skip 2.3 altogether and really kick up the performance of the Optimus 2X.

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