Will Rooting Desire S Unlock It?

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  1. Gunnzie

    Gunnzie Member

    I have a Desire S which is currently locked to O2. Will rooting the phone make it unlocked to other sim cards?

  2. notebook

    notebook Well-Known Member

    No, rooting is entirely different to 'unlocking' your phone. Rooting allows you to fully access the phone's read/write commands (security settings), so you can change the ROM and firmware of the phone. This won't allow you to unlock your phone from a particular provider, even if you change the provider ROM to a stock or custom ROM. Unlocking requires a specific code that's unique to each phone, rather than the generic process involved in rooting.
  3. Gunnzie

    Gunnzie Member

    The reason I asked is that I read that on the original Desire, once you rooted the phone you could run an app which would unlock it for free. Is this not the case for the Desire S?
  4. notebook

    notebook Well-Known Member

    To my knowledge there's no such app for the Desire S.

    Also, the app which I think you're talking about didn't require the Desire (Bravo) to be rooted.

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