will rooting my phone prevent me from get the "official" gingerbread update?

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  1. emaayan

    emaayan Member


    i have desire z and i've been thinking about rooting for some time, i want to able to remove lots of stock apps (htc hub,stocks,peep etc..) to free up memory.
    how ever wil rooting be prevent me from getting later the official rom?

    also i would like maybe to be a factory reset, but before that, i need to know what is the best backup app out there.

  2. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    Rooting by itself won't prevent you receiving updates, but these will obviously unroot your handset and there's no guarantee you'll be able to re-root as vulnerabilities are often patched between versions.

    If you remove any of the stock apps then updates will likely fail to install. The secret is to "freeze" rather than remove them; this can be done using several different apps and is easily reversed prior to any updates.

    A "best app" is always subjective, but I swear by Titanium Backup. Not only is it an excellent backup app, it also allows freezing.
  3. emaayan

    emaayan Member

    let's say that first i wanna factory rest my phone to clear all data and apps (hell it currently takes 2+ minutes to boot) and then start restoring slowly, see what goes on.

    because i wouldn't wanna update my phone with grabage on it.

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