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Will rooting prevent official update to 2.0?

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  1. Gatak

    Gatak Well-Known Member

    Two questions:

    1) Which root method is best for the Spica? There seems to be several ways, including different kernels, ROMs, etc for rooting?
    2) Will root prevent any official updates to Android 2.x?
    3) Is it possible to add swap to sdcard without rooting? There doesn't seem to be a swapon/swapoff tool for non-root users?

    I want root of several reasons, one being possibility of swapmemory/virtual ram. The other of course if Busybox and similar tools...

  2. devast

    devast Member

    A little offtopic, but what are these methods? I only know about leshaks kernels.
    Also, i wouldn't recommend swap, android is not a pc :)
  3. Gatak

    Gatak Well-Known Member

    To be honest, I do not know all the different methods.. I just got the feeling there were different ways (hack roms and kernels?)...

    Why would not swap be useful? Java, and the Linux kernel is made to make use of swap efficiently. OK, slighly causes wear on the SD-card... But they are not so expensive anyways!
  4. informale

    informale Well-Known Member

    Swap may slow thing a bit, but at least you won't get page reloads in the browser when you switch back and forth between apps or tabs inside the browser.

    And yes, just get a small fast SD, use it for swap and through it away when it dies - not a big deal.
  5. Gatak

    Gatak Well-Known Member

    Will root prevent installing the official updates? Can a rooted phone be reverted to "original" state?
  6. devast

    devast Member

    Use dolphin browser, it uses cache on the sd card :) I never get page reload... a pc can not save the state of an application and unload it from the memory if necessary while android can. So the question comes down to what is faster? Using swap on the sd as memory running from there, or the time it takes to reload the app from the internal flash ,restore its state and running it from the ram.
    Swap could be useful, if there were an application that needed more ram then physically available on the spica.

    To be a little ontopic: I personally think, that rooting will not prevent the 2.0 upgrade. It should not anyway.
  7. Gatak

    Gatak Well-Known Member

    The point of swap is not that currently running apps are in the backround, but lots of things that run in the background and seldom used. And a "pc" with windows or linux does this with better performance, rather than having swap off. Try it. If you have 1GB+ ram in your machine you could try to turn swap off. It won't make your system faster...

    Android is basically Linux with a Java VM ontop...
  8. informale

    informale Well-Known Member

    I tried Dolphin with SD cache. It still sometimes reloads the tab with Google Reader after I come back from the tab with full article view.
  9. devast

    devast Member

    For basic principles check Why Android Swap Doesn’t Make Sense Zero Credibility
    There are some false info in it, like sd cards speed, but the theory itself is true.
    Also about browser reloading pages... that will get fixed by adding swap. It's clear when android saves the state of the browser and unloads it from the memory, it won't save the page itself only the link. It could be written to do that, but i think that would eat too much memory, sd cache should be a way to fix this.
  10. jhn

    jhn New Member

  11. Gatak

    Gatak Well-Known Member

    I guess I've learnt that Odin will work to flash the official ROMs too, so it "could" work. I tried the 2.x beta rom from Samsung and that flashed ok.

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