Will Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 receive Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean)?General

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  1. Noog

    Noog New Member

    I recently got the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, and I've been wondering when and if Android 4.1 will reach the Tab 2?

    If it's not announced, please tell me if it's possible.


  2. xmr405o

    xmr405o Well-Known Member

    Past experience, Samsung is not that great in commiting to anything in regards to updates. We just have to wait. I mean, a good assumption would seem to think an ICS tablet can easily handle JB but we don't know what's going on within Samsung.
  3. Digitalmaniak

    Digitalmaniak Member

    It took them what 6 months to release ICS for everything? (aside from the carrier hold-ups on the phones) I'd say JB will probably take at least that long... but I'm constantly scouring the 'net for news of it b/c I just got a Tab 2 myself.
  4. t2000kw

    t2000kw Active Member

    I'm going to wait myself, but you can do it yourself if you want to do it rather than wait for the official update (assuming it will be updated to JB).


    If you do this, I would expect the menus and such to be a little bit different, since Samsung has tweaked ICS a bit.

    One thing in Samsun'g sfavor is that they were one of the first out with an ICS tablet. When I bought mine, most were running an older version.


  5. Romulous

    Romulous Well-Known Member

    I'm running the latest CM10 Jellybean beta as posted on XDA for the past few weeks now, and i have to say that it is extremely stable.

    Obviously the downside is that you have to root and flash this to your Tab, which, to be honest is very easy, and opens up so many other doors to you and your tablet.

    Unless you cannot follow basic steps to achieve this, then you should stay away and wait, more than likely a 'long' time for an official Samsung version to be released.
  6. danielunde

    danielunde Well-Known Member

    Can someone tell me if i'm going to receive the jelly bean update for my Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 I have GT-P5113TSYXAR WiFi ?
  7. jefferinho

    jefferinho Member

    Got my jelly bean last night
    Just connected my tab upto kies and it was there
    I'm in the uk , not rooted
    Have to say it doesn't seem to be much of an update
  8. fatterTony

    fatterTony Member

    I agree. Don't see much of a difference
  9. t2000kw

    t2000kw Active Member

    My device hasn't seen the upgrade to Jelly Bean offered yet. I doubt that it's a big jump in usability, but I still check for the upgrade every couple of days.

  10. t2000kw

    t2000kw Active Member

    When you root your device, do you still use the same Google account for purchasing the apps? Do you have to reinstall everything and start over?

    What do you see as advantages and disadvantages of doing this?

    I'm not looking for a tutorial or advice on whether to do it or not here, just some opinions. There's plenty of documentation on how to root it and upgrade the Android version, and it looks to be pretty simple.

    I've read through the instructions but will wait for my Samsung warranty to expire before I root my device (Galaxy Tab 2 7.0). That will be next May.


  11. bluenova

    bluenova OK Computer VIP Member

    My wife got 4.1.1 update today (in UK). I'm surprised she didn't get 4.1.2.
  12. Sahri

    Sahri Active Member

    I don't mind that Samsung is taking his time. I'd rather have this than a rushed update.
  13. schneidr

    schneidr Active Member

    The P5113 is a U. S. model and hasn't got it.
  14. ThatTabGuy

    ThatTabGuy Well-Known Member

    After searching on other forums (XDA), there is a way to upgrade to 4.1.1. It requires a bit of time and effort.

    I did it to mine, and its FAST:ridinghorse:. But not without its bugs/annoyances.
  15. t2000kw

    t2000kw Active Member

    Did you root it to get it to take the update?

    I want to leave mine unrooted for the warranty period then I'll be looking at doing that. It doesn't look to be too difficult, and by then I might want to update to a newer version then, or maybe even put Linux on it.
  16. ThatTabGuy

    ThatTabGuy Well-Known Member

    There is no need to root the Tab, in fact you should probably unroot it if you've already done so. There is an app that you "push" to the root of your extSDcard that will help with that.

    You would need the latest Odin to push a stock recovery on to the tab. Then OTA it with the Jellybean from samMobile.
  17. thequeenscheese

    thequeenscheese Well-Known Member

    Got my tab2 yesterday did update ota, and its running 4.1.1 dunno if came with it or it updated to it as I didnt look and wasthe first thing I did, but will we get 4.1.2?
  18. junebug1701

    junebug1701 Member

    What if I can't update OTA? I have wi-fi only. Is JB a performance enhancement, or just new features?
  19. t2000kw

    t2000kw Active Member

    You'll be able to update. I don't have Jelly Bean yet either (I'm in the USA, but some of Europe has it already) but I've had updates to 4.0 through wi-fi. You may have to check for updates to get it in your system settings. Some of Europe already got their Jelly Bean update.

    The differences that are apparent ate mentioned in this review:

    Ice Cream Sandwich Versus Jelly Bean: The Dish on Android OS

    From what I've read, the biggest difference is speed. And there's mention also "Google Now" which I've looked for to add to my ICE Galaxy Tab but I can't find it. It may be that you have to have Jelly Bean to see it in the app store, but I'm not sure.

    The following are just some things you can do to customize your tablet, including one to make it look more like Jelly Bean.

    You can get some Jelly Bean like enhancements now by searching for them. There's a JB keyboard that you can get now, for example. I prefer Perfect Keyboard Pro, but you may prefer a different one. I like the ability to get to directional arrows to move my cursor back, up, down, etc.

    Here's one recommended in a review. It's like the JB keyboard:


    And you don't need to wait for Google Now. You can get many features of that voice assistant in Eva Virtual Assistant (or Evan, if you prefer a male voice). That costs a whopping $10 USD, and it's more useful in android phones, because many of its features are set up for reading your text messages, adding entries in your calendar, etc., but you can make use of some of those in your tablet, too. You can also add different voices, like British, Australian, and others, and even a better US voice (less computer-y) than the stock one Google offers.

    EVA Documentation

    Trial version:

    Not everyone likes the voice assistants, any of them. There are a few free ones, but none of them are as deeply integrated into Android as Eva is. We'll have to see about Google Now. The free voice assistants I've tried were not that great. ALL of them, including Eva, will misunderstand you some of the time. If you have a strange voice, they all might have difficulty with it. Enunciate clearly but don't exaggerate your enunciation.

    Some of the free voice assistants will not only misunderstand you, but will reply about things that not only have nothing to do with what you asked about, it will talk about things wouldn't be appropriate in a mixed or business setting. I once asked Iris something about the distance to the moon and she said something like "He certainly has the market cornered on penis size!" I don't use language like that with my tablet, and rarely in any case, so that was entirely unexpected in an office setting. Needless to say Iris is no longer on my tablet.

    If you don't like the Touch Wiz desktop Samsung sticks you with, try some different desktop launchers. Many like Nova Launcher, and there's also a "Prime" version, which I have. You only see what you need to see on your desktops, and the app drawer (it has a bunch of dots in a circle on the icon) has all of your apps listed in alphabetical order. You can switch back to Touch Wiz in your system settings if you prefer. If you don't switch to one or the other, you will have to select which desktop launcher you want to use each time you restart. It has almost all 5 star reviews.

    Nova Launcher

  20. thequeenscheese

    thequeenscheese Well-Known Member

    Whem I say ota I did mean via wifi just not kies....
  21. t2000kw

    t2000kw Active Member

    I don't even know what Kies is, so you don't need it. I only know that I have had Android updates within the Ice Cream Sandwich series of updates without having to do anything other than tapping on these:

    About Device
    Software update

    You will see a "connecting to server" dialog box pop up and either you will see "No update available" or you will have the opportunity to update to a newer version of Android. "Newer" doesn't necessarily mean Jelly Bean. It could mean an update to ICE with bug fixes and small improvements.

    Once I had an update more or less forced on me without going through that sequence to see if there was an update. Good for me that I had plenty of battery left because it took a while to update and restart. I wasn't anywhere near home or a USB socket.

    I just tried and I don't have any updates available. They've been rolling out updates since September for Jelly Bean. I check every few days.
  22. t2000kw

    t2000kw Active Member

    I just had a chat session with a Samsung support person and he said that Samsung US hasn't decided whether to offer the JB update or not. I think that they would be making a terrible mistake if they don't. I believe it would affect their sales later on. If people thought that they wouldn't get at least one major Android version update from Samsung, they would possibly buy their next device from somewhere else.
  23. junebug1701

    junebug1701 Member

    OK, when I read OTA I assumed that meant over the cellular network.
  24. ThatTabGuy

    ThatTabGuy Well-Known Member

    I agree. Pure speculation here...But I think Samsung would probably hold out on pushing it only because of how much support there is out with all the custom roms. It could also be that they have so much phone support that it is easier to push it on their S series, and have everyone jump on that bandwagon if anything.

    Again, just my thoughts...

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  25. t2000kw

    t2000kw Active Member

    Jelly Bean is being pushed to US devices as of last evening (Jan 16,2013). Mine updated itself yesterday evening and it works fine.

    You'll also be offered to add Google Now:


    It apparently wasn't available for Android 4.1 in the Google Play store.


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