will Sprint allow call blocking on Epic?

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  1. texphone

    texphone Member

    I am thinking of getting the Epic.
    But does sprint let you block calls from specific numbers?
    On my current Virgin phone there is no blocking and i get tons of spam calls and voicemails.
    So this is very important to have.
    If Sprint doesn't, which of the other galaxy S providers allow blocking?

  2. crow11ad

    crow11ad Well-Known Member

    Carriers cannot block the calls or so they say....but with android and at least with the Moment you can have calls on your contacts go into v.m. So if you get an unwanted call add it to your contacts and have it go directly to voice mail...Texts you can block. I have done this on Sprints own site.
  3. SebastianX

    SebastianX Well-Known Member

  4. Adrift

    Adrift Well-Known Member

    They better not allow Coc... oh Call blocking. Huh.
  5. texphone

    texphone Member

  6. texphone

    texphone Member

    yeh then my voicemail becomes useless because it is full of hundreds of spams
  7. rckozma

    rckozma Well-Known Member

    Not really, with visual voicemail you don't even have to listen to them, you just delete all the ones from the same number in 2 seconds.
  8. SebastianX

    SebastianX Well-Known Member

  9. kamgrn

    kamgrn Member

    Regardless of what phone you have, Sprint allows blocking of specific numbers. Log into your account online and you can add numbers to the block list.
  10. ZoSo925

    ZoSo925 Active Member

    Ive used Extreme Call Blocker program and works like a charm. You can add people to a blacklist and it automatically routes to voicemail and not even hear the phone ring!

    EXB also blocks and routes SMS mail to a separate and private SMS inbox seperate from your normal SMS messages.
  11. nchargreed

    nchargreed Well-Known Member

    Sprint CANNOT block calls. You can log onto your account and block TEXTs
  12. nchargreed

    nchargreed Well-Known Member

    Mr. Number is a great FREE app and you can choose to send numbers to voicemail OR...pick up and hang up. With this app you can block specific numbers or numbers that start with...
  13. buggerritt

    buggerritt Well-Known Member

    +1 for Mr Number Call Block. I <3 this app. You can chooose how it blocks (pick up and hang up or send to voicemail). You can also block texts from numbers. You can choose all numbers starting with..., all numbers not in your contacts list, suspected spam, specific contacts, specific numbers, or all private/blocked numbers. It also has caller ID feature that you have to activate (there is a free option to do that).
  14. drewsg

    drewsg Well-Known Member

    Yes, Sprint can. You can log on to your Sprint account to have specific phone numbers blocked from even calling you.

    How do I know you're wrong? I'm doing this with a couple phone numbers right now. Sprint allows up to 35 phone numbers to be blocked at one time.
  15. dangerdat

    dangerdat Active Member

    I must admit that your way of saying "I told you so" was awesome.
  16. Charles C

    Charles C Well-Known Member

    Looks like they upped the limit - my account page allows me up to 50 blocked numbers. Either way, great feature that I didn't seem to have with my previous carrier.
  17. kamgrn

    kamgrn Member

    Sprint CAN block calls. Log into your account > My Preferences > Limits and Permissions > Block Voice > select Block only the following phone numbers for inbound and outbound calls and add the number you want to block.

    "You can block inbound and outbound calls for up to 50 phones numbers. Enter each 10 digit phone number below or quickly add numbers you've previously blocked by accessing your archive list..."

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  18. jasonacg

    jasonacg Well-Known Member

    Consider subscribing to Google Voice. You can do it through that. It would also apply to any other phones you add to a GV account.

    The downside is that you would have to give people a new phone number. If you can accept that short-term inconvenience, it's a very useful service.

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