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will TB functions continue working w/o serviceTips

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  1. b4ufsh

    b4ufsh Member

    I am considering cancelling Verizon service. Wondering if the data features will still work through WiFi? Will the phone be locked? I am rooted w/ Rom bamf. I love the Tb. I've had it since launch.

  2. superstretch

    superstretch Well-Known Member

    You should be able to run it on wifi, you just won't authenticate with the cell towers. Its the same thing as if you switch phones and keep the TB around as a backup-- you can turn it on and play with it, but can't make calls or sms via tower.

    You could always use it and GrooveIP and make calls using Google Voice over IP (wifi-only phone)
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  3. BaadAndy

    BaadAndy Well-Known Member

    Mine has been working great and handy for a music player using my maxx as a hotspot :) its still fun to rom and play with, but makes me miss that solid tank like feel over my maxx

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