Will the Backflip get 3G if it is unlocked for T-Mobile?Support

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  1. I noticed that the AT&T Backflip supports the 2100 3G band, and T-Mobile uses that frequency for their 3G service.

  2. james27007

    james27007 Look into my Eye VIP Member

    Bbased off that the backflip works on a different 3g signal than T-mobile; more than likely the answer is no. I do know that when I had a G1 and used it on AT&T, I had no 3G, it said 3G in the notifaction bar, but it was not 3G.
  3. So supporting one of T-Mobile's 3G frequencies won't mean that I'll get 3G?
  4. Beach_Head

    Beach_Head Active Member

    I believe you should be able to get 3G speeds on the Backflip on T-Mobile's network...

  5. +1 if it has the frequency support it should get 3g, unless there is something in the software blocking 3g data.
  6. Well, I was looking at it's specs and it supports the 2100 MHz 3G band that T-Mobile uses for HSDPA 7.2
  7. Beach_Head

    Beach_Head Active Member

    If T-Mobile uses the 2100Mhz frequency, you will get 3G speeds...

    I'm in the Philippines and carriers here use that frequency. I can connect just fine...

  8. starmena

    starmena New Member

    From my understanding Tmobile 3g uses two different frequencies. One for Uploading and one for Downloading. The backflip needs to have both frequencies in order to get 3g to work correctly.

    I'm taking a wild guess here but i think the frequencies are 2100 MHz for Downloading and 1700 MHz for Uploading. So the answer would be NO. The phone WILL work on Edge though. and all other operations won't be affected.
  9. So I'll get 3G speeds down and EDGE speeds up?
  10. Beach_Head

    Beach_Head Active Member

    Researched more about this. starmena is right as apparently, T-Mo uses AWS and is in it's own world where 3G is concerned.

    Please read this: Understanding T-Mobile's 3G Network

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