Will the Bravo get Froyo?General

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  1. chrisphoenix7

    chrisphoenix7 Well-Known Member

    I have had a capivate for a while. The first bit the dust, and the refurb replacement was worthless. Now I can get a different phone. iF the bravo gets froyo, I'm going with it. Will it be getting 2.2 or not? And which ATT phone is the best to get?

  2. MCFarmfresh

    MCFarmfresh Member

    I would have to say the captivate is the best android phone at&t has at the moment. I happen to work for att and a few of my coworkers have one and they love them. I lucked out and got a bravo for free from motorola to demo for a few weeks. I just have to answer any questions they have afterwards and the device is mine. I am very happy with the device. T this is my first android (previously had an iphone) and I'm sold. very an snappy device a lot faster than my iphone, and it can do alot my previous device couldn't. Just wish I could get it to install non market apps.
  3. TPR300C

    TPR300C Well-Known Member

    No news on getting froyo. In a few days I'll post how to enable non market apps
  4. MCFarmfresh

    MCFarmfresh Member

    I totally forgot why I responded to your post in the first place. I did hear from an unconfirmed source that this phone will get froyo in the first quarter of 2011. I cannot remember exactly where I heard it from off the top of my head but I will try to find out and post back. and thanks for any info on getting non market apps. I tried S1C but it always fails when I try to use it.
  5. chrisphoenix7

    chrisphoenix7 Well-Known Member

    Thanks guys. I had the captivate, MCFF, but after two practically blowing up in my face, and the ceased production, I don't want to deal with another one. I like it, but it is too unreliable. I saw some videos of the bravo vs. other android phones. In the speed tests for the processor and such, the Galaxy S average was just a bit over half as good as the Bravo average. The only phones faster than the Bravo are the Droid X and the other superandroid phones.

    Anyway, my captivate got sent to samsung by the store. They're trying to fix it. I'm not sure if I can still get a different phone or not now.
  6. timjthomas

    timjthomas New Member

    Any updates / news on 2.2 for Bravo?
  7. callihan_44

    callihan_44 Well-Known Member

    yeah, i will be watching for 2.2 myself but havent heard solid info yet

    F7FTIGERCAT New Member

    my bravo is 2.22 and has been for awhile


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