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Will the EVO 4G get Ice Cream Sandwich?

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  1. KenjiSpencer

    KenjiSpencer Well-Known Member

    HTC announced awhile back that the Evo 4G wasn't going to get Honeycomb, let alone Ice Cream Sandwich.

  2. NaterTots

    NaterTots Well-Known Member

    True, but Honeycomb wasn't put on any phones as it was for Tablet's only.

    But i doubt that the work would be put in to have Ice Cream Sandwich on a phone that was released 18 months ago.
  3. 9to5cynic

    9to5cynic Well-Known Member

    True. The real question is if our phones will get ICS officially.
    I think he was stating that phones *usually* get about 2 updates, we've had ours.
    +1 And the honeycomb source wasn't made available either, so no devs were able to splice up a rom for us.
  4. Ed.

    Ed. Member

    I'll be happy if I can just get that facial recognition unlock.
  5. top magoo

    top magoo Active Member

    after all the complaining about the gb release, i don't think i can handle listening to it again. i hope we're at the terminal OS.
  6. kingelite

    kingelite Member

    +1 on that they are already working on it they release a beta but since the source code came out already, in no time they will have a working rom.:D
  7. LBPHeretic

    LBPHeretic Well-Known Member

    Lots of development on Android 4.0 ROM ports for the Sprint HTC Hero has also started since the source was released. A lot of people still use and love that handset, so awesome stuff keeps coming out for it. :)

    On topic, I believe that the Sprint HTC EVO 4G, will definitely see a custom ROM port of Android 4.0. Officially, I think the Sprint HTC EVO 4G has reached the end of the line. It went through two major Android updates officially already. That is pretty good all by itself. ;)
  8. LBPHeretic

    LBPHeretic Well-Known Member

    Android 4.0 does take more space than Android 2.3 did. The Sprint HTC EVO 4G has 1 GB of ROM space though, which will probably fit Android 4.0 just fine and dandy.

    You might ask, but what about space for apps and so forth? A partition for apps and data can always be made on the microSD card to increase the capacity of what the system "thinks" is in the internal storage and even parts of the ROM can be moved to the microSD card if 1 GB is still too small to house Android 4.0.
  9. LBPHeretic

    LBPHeretic Well-Known Member

    The Google Nexus One was mostly deemed "too old" because of ROM space. It only has 512 MB of ROM space, which just BARELY fits Android 2.3. ;)

    The Sprint HTC EVO 4G has 1 GB of ROM space. Even if that was not enough, portions of the ROM can be moved to the microSD card via SD-EXT support. This is how custom ROM ports of Android 4.0 for the Google Nexus One will get around the ROM space limitations. There really always is a workaround. :D
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  10. bupolo

    bupolo Well-Known Member

    Is partitioning and everything else you mentioned up there done after you root the phone? I'm starting to hover around 50-60 mb's of free memory on the Evo, and it's been running just a bit "slow" these days (little lag when I unlock, come out of a program and try to change screens, etc.) so I was going to rest it to factory settings and reload everything. Do you suggest I just wait 1-2 weeks and try rooting when one of the devs comes out with a 4.0 rom?

    Also, is there any problem with rooting to a full gingerbread rom, then rooting to 4.0? Thanks!
  11. Rxpert83

    Rxpert83 Dr. Feelgood Moderator

    Once your rooted, your rooted. You can change back and forth between froyo, gingerbread and in the future ICS by just flashing a new rom. You dont have to re-root between versions of the OS.
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  12. esthernrob

    esthernrob Well-Known Member

    there's an app for that... :)

    Visidon AppLock

    EDIT - but perhaps this won't work on unlock, but there may be one out there that will... this was the first one i came across...
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  13. Granite1

    Granite1 Zercron Encrusted Tweezer Moderator

    Fyi, I stopped in a new sprint store in town on Friday. Thay still have the OG up for sale. ;)
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  14. LBPHeretic

    LBPHeretic Well-Known Member

    You can root and partition your microSD card right now and use it for more space for apps. Just be sure to backup the contents of your microSD card to your computer before partitioning it.

    If you want to wait for an Android 4.0 ROM port, then that is up to you. However, you are more than welcome to experiment with other ROMs in the meantime to get your feet wet in the process.
  15. Rxpert83

    Rxpert83 Dr. Feelgood Moderator

    Everything I'm hearing says they took it off the EOL list. So I guess there is still hope as long as its still being sold.
  16. intense

    intense Well-Known Member

    Nice! Still my favorite phone. Thanks
  17. brianvillage5

    brianvillage5 Well-Known Member

    I believe they didn't push the new sense and honeycomb to us because they just moved on to ics mabye we'll see that instead of the aforementioned. But mabye not, either way it'll come in a custom form one way or another. We'll. Get it!;)
  18. tms592

    tms592 Well-Known Member

    well from what I heard the Evo will NOT get ICS only the Shift, 3D, and the new Evo Design (just a redesigned regular evo) would get it, I may be wrong but thats what I heard.
  19. Rxpert83

    Rxpert83 Dr. Feelgood Moderator

    HTC announced those phones would be in the first batch to get it. Whether or not there will be any following upgrade batches and whether or not the EVO will be in them is yet to be seen.
  20. LarryNewman

    LarryNewman New Member

    How do you re partition EVO 4G to accommodate (think) more data and app storage?

  21. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!! Moderator

    welcome to the forums!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    well you have to be rooted first. once you are rooted you can then go into your custom recovery and partition your card. however, it is recommended that you upgrade your card to a class 4 or higher. since the apps will be moving to the card and run from there, the apps will need to rely on the cards read and write speeds or that app will suffer in performance. if you want to learn more abot rooting and partitioning your card then read this:http://androidforums.com/evo-4g-all...ooting-dummies-guide-gingerbread-edition.html

    and if you have any questions on rooting and such please post them in the http://androidforums.com/evo-4g-all-things-root/ forums.
  22. Chaco

    Chaco Well-Known Member

    on today's Cyanogen announcement, they mentioned their intent is to support a series of processor types... going back to even earlier versions of the QSD processor that the evo has... so i think we will, but we are not on the front row.
  23. jsb911

    jsb911 New Member

    I work at Sprint and the reason why Evo 4G is EOL is beacuse they have made the new EVO Design which is a world capable phone with slight differences from its predecessor the EVO 4G
  24. Ember

    Ember Well-Known Member

    jsb911 I hate you, couldn't you have just reassured me with false hope? ):
  25. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!! Moderator

    well you could always root your phone. ICS roms are just starting to trickle out. there are a few now, but they are all in alpha and beta phases which means that not everything works properly. but they are sooooo close to getting it right. can't wait til they iron it out.

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