Will the Galaxy S2 be worth it over the HTC Design?

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  1. espylacopa

    espylacopa Active Member

    I am considering upgrading my Prevail to either an S2 or a Design 4g. While I understand that the S2 is superior to the HTC in almost every way as far as hardware goes, the almost might be a big almost. From what I've read, the S2 does well in all departments except cell/GPS/3g/4g reception. While all those other features are great, the core reason for having a phone like this would be to make use of its ability to make phone calls without constant signal drops or use the internet or GPS reliably when not near Wi-Fi. So I am curious for those who have experience with both (obviously not a Boost version of the S2 since it isn't out yet) about their thoughts on the actual signal between the two. Also for those without the experience, what are your thoughts on this?

    I'm also wondering if you can do a hardware mod to the phone to improve signal strength?

  2. kevincott

    kevincott Well-Known Member Contributor

    I have been wondering the same question, esp when the EVO was just on sale for $230.

    I am sure the price will be down again as $299 vs $369 for the S2 in a no-brainer.

    Also I doubt there has been radio improvements (hardware/software mods) in the S2 as S3 owners talk about better all-around reception.

  3. espylacopa

    espylacopa Active Member

    If you're referring to the RadioShack sale, its still going to be 229.99 until the 8th of this month! I'm trying to decide before then.

    I guess the other way to put it is if its worth the extra $140 at current sale pricing. :confused:

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