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Will the Incredible have a sim card slot?General

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  1. cajer

    cajer New Member

    I was wondering if the Incredible would have a sim card slot as many of the high end Verizon phones do. If not do you know if there will be an unlocked version with a sim card slot and if so will it come out soon?


  2. guyheavensent

    guyheavensent Well-Known Member

    no unlocked and no sim card slots

    /edit they have a GSM European version with similiar specs as the incredible with a lesser quality camera you should check into. HTC Legend
  3. cajer

    cajer New Member

    So I am guessing my best bet is the Nexus One if I am an AT&T customer. As it can be flashed to Sense UI and has better hardware than the Desire.
  4. dvdivx

    dvdivx Well-Known Member

    The Desire has basically the same hardware. You will also have to pay full price for the phone and be in a two year contract with the no discount to get any decent data plan out of AT&T.
  5. cajer

    cajer New Member

    I was thinking of getting it off of google to avoid the horrible data plans as I'm planning to use its wifi (most places I go have wifi as I'm still a student). But are there any other suggestions for an android phone?
  6. QrafTee

    QrafTee Well-Known Member

    No, the HTC Droid Incredible is a non-World CDMA phone, no SIM slot; sorry.

    Like the others have said; look at the Google Nexus One or the HTC Desire if you're in Europe.
  7. dvdivx

    dvdivx Well-Known Member

    You can only get it from Google. I returned mine. If you use Tmobile you can at least use it in the prepaid or a voice only plan. Tmobile is a lot more flexible. Unless you travel to Europe often enough to have a SIM already from Europe I'd stick with CDMA for the states or Canada. There's the EVO on sprint as well. The big problem is insurance. If you drop the Nexus you're screwed. You will have to pay 530 for the phone and 114 for insurance through squaretrade. But they only cover one time. You will also find out the hard way that when you really need the internet for something there will be no wifi around. If you text alot the the sprint everything plan is really cheap if you live in a Sprint area.and stick to cities.
  8. Markiz

    Markiz Well-Known Member

    Of course, you are wrong. About the legend. Its called desire, incredibles european "brother". Know your facts :)
  9. Ruben

    Ruben Well-Known Member

    If you pay full retail price, I see no reason for you to go into a 2 year contract. You can just do month to month. :D No subsidies to pay off.

    And go for it. It has the best dev community yet. Sense UI ROM, Cyanogen, Motoblur (if you want it).
  10. guyheavensent

    guyheavensent Well-Known Member

    Thanks for being a jerk...not a suprise coming from this forum.
  11. webflunkie

    webflunkie Well-Known Member

    Fixed that for you. ;)
  12. Markiz

    Markiz Well-Known Member

    I'm a jerk, or whatever you wrote originally
    , for pointing out that you mixed up two different phones? I even put a smilie on the end! Iseeee.. Also, i'm european, so i dont have quite a "feeling" for th language. The tone and stuff. Grow yourself balls. :)
  13. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    Okay people, enough of the playground insults and feigned offence. You're all grown-up enough to know that if you start flinging insults then they're bound to get thrown back, so I suggest that everyone calm down before infractions start getting handed out.
  14. Markiz

    Markiz Well-Known Member

    I'm with you.
  15. guyheavensent

    guyheavensent Well-Known Member

    if jerk is an insult, then thanks for the laugh...i needed it!
  16. cajer

    cajer New Member

    I think I am going to go with the Nexus One despite the no accident warranty as it has a better developer community and is cheaper than the desire.

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