Will this bike charger work with hero?

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  1. Gotte

    Gotte Active Member

    I'm looking to work out a way of charging my hero from a dynamo on my bike for when away touring in remote locations.

    I came across this:

    Nokia UK - Nokia Bicycle Charger Kit - Overview

    It comes with a 2mm jack, so won't fit the Hero, but I notice Nokia also do a converter from what I assume is a 2mm jack to a mini usb:

    Nokia UK - Nokia Charger Adapter CA-146C - Overview

    the specs for the Nokia charger seem to me to be the same as any USB charger:

    Power generation:
    Compatible with bottle type bicycle dynamos with 6V/3W and 12V/3W output
    5.0V/450mA/15km/h. Maximum current 70mA
    Charging starts at ~6km/h and maximum output is achieved at 25km/h. Charging stops when the speed reaches 50km/h.
    Charging time depends on cycling speed, for example a Nokia 1202 with a 860mAh battery can be charged with about 20 minutes of cycling at a speed of about 10km/h (for the Nokia 1202 this would mean approximately 57 mins talk time or 74h standby time)

    But can someone in the know just check that the outputs above are viable for the HTC hero.



  2. daveybaby

    daveybaby Well-Known Member

    Best answer youre likely to get (unless by extreme coincidence someone else out there has actually tried it) is: Probably.

    The mains charger that ships with the hero provides 5V/1.0A. The hero will charge at a lower ampage than that, just more slowly. However there is probably a minimum current below which the hero's charging circuitry will not activate (dunno what that is though).

    If this charger generates 5V/450mA/15kmh then this will almost certainly be enough. However you also state 'maximum current 70mA', so... i dunno what thats all about.

    Having said all that, if it's sufficient to charge a nokia phone its probably sufficient to charge a hero (if you pedal fast enough). And FYI there are other bike chargers out there that charge USB directly (google bike + USB + charger)
  3. Gotte

    Gotte Active Member

    Thanks for that. I googled bike + USB + charger, but only got the Nokia one plus a lot of DIY tutorials which involve circuitry. I have looked before, and only come across one

    Pedal & Power

    And a hub dynamo charger. trouble is, hub dynamos cost too much for me - about
  4. daveybaby

    daveybaby Well-Known Member

    Ah, no, sorry. I only looked because i thought 'there must be a standard usb bike charger out there', did a search & saw lots of hits. Didnt realised they were all DIY jobs. :D
  5. Gotte

    Gotte Active Member

    No worries.
    I think the Nokia one will probably do it, just need somewhere where I can return it if it doesn't.

    I asked on an electronics forum, and they seemed a bit non-plussed by the maximum curent 70mAh. They seemed to think it looked like a typo, and it should be maximum 700mAh, which would make sense.

    There is another device on ebay, though, that looks similar in function. I might try that.

    BICYCLE DYNAMO POWERED PDA USB CHARGER 6VAC To 5.2VDC on eBay (end time 18-Jan-11 21:03:47 GMT)

    And here:

    S25A bicycle bike usb charger trekking sport dynamo GPS on eBay (end time 23-Jan-11 19:35:36 GMT)

    I might try one, just to see. A dynamo will cost me about a tenner, so it should actually be less than the Nokia with mini USB adaptor.

    ANyway, thanks again.

  6. whyte

    whyte New Member

    as a regular and experienced cyclist I would not trust anything rubbing on the sidewall of my tyre, it will wear it out and then you will end up having a blow out, which could end up being quite painful. if you look in maplin they do a wind powered version which you can mount on your handlebars, what type of bike are you riding, mountain, road or hybrid?
  7. Gotte

    Gotte Active Member

    Thanks for that. I know, ideally I'd choose a hub dynamo, less drag and no wear, but the price...
  8. Gotte

    Gotte Active Member

    I had a look on the Maplin site, but couldn't see any wind turbine generators. I did a quick Google, however and came up with this:

    HYmini Personal Wind Turbine

    Trouble is, it doesn't get very good reviews. Here's a typical one:

    Well, i was very excited to buy this gadget (costed me 30 EUR in Paris ). I bike a lot and this was also meant to be used for outdoor hiking activities.
    First of all the lack of any type of power meter renders the device unreliable to the point of uselessness. You take the charger (with a 1200 mAh battery inside) and you have no idea how much of the battery is filled. You can put it to charge from mains, and maybe be shure that it is charged in some 3-4 hours (not mentioned in manual). But then, if i needed an external battery, there are definitely better choices.
    Second: You cannot charge your device and charge the device simultaneously, nor you can charge your device "on the go"-directly from wind..
    Third: You cannot turn on the quite weak led lights in front of the device and charge it simultaneously (so, for example if you bike in the evenings when it is late, you have to chose, either you use it's light for safety, or you charge the device.)
    Forth: in the description on Uniross site it is said "Can also be charged through a computer or through wall plug". Well, it can be only charged using supplied wall plug, no wire for computer charging..
    Fifth: It almost has no effect on my HTC HD2 (1230 mAh). The charging current for my device is quite hight ~ 1 A. So make sure your device will agree on some 500 mA of charging current (most of them will probably)
    Sixth: It does need quite strong wind to charge, it starts to charge when your speed (in no wind condition) gets around 15 km/h. People say it needs some 15 km of ride to be fully charged. How they managed to estimate that the charger is fully charged - i have no idea.
    Seventh: The charging indicator (which tells you that the speed is enough for charging), is placed right in front of the charger, so to see if it does charge you have to dangerously lean forward or ask the aproaching bikers if they see a green LED light- truly stupid design flaw.
    Eighth (the most annoying and stupid): YOU HAVE TO CHARGE IT FROM MAINS FOR SOME 20% BEFORE YOU CAN START CHARGING IT FROM WIND!! Can you imagine how dumb this condition is.. first - there is no way to know how long should i charge it from main to get the necessary 20%. Then, when i am outdoor and lets say charging the phone - if i use all the juice - the charger will become useless, as there won't be a possibility for another startup charging. Then I have to charge till it is decreased to 20% and use the wind to charge it back. HA! there is now way to know that it is on 20%,10% or 30%... how dumb the design and functioning can be... This is truly a raw device they let out on market. Shame for Uniross.
    (i will stop here because it is too late...)
    I wish i would have read a review like this before i went and got this piece of ... something... Hope it helps someone else.

    Thanks all the same though, for the heads up.
  9. Dodgy Mexican

    Dodgy Mexican New Member

    Hi Phil;

    Did you have any luck with bike charger? I am looking at getting one for my htc desire.

    Thanks Si
  10. Dodgy Mexican

    Dodgy Mexican New Member

  11. LexieCali

    LexieCali New Member

    Hi Gotte:
    I have HTC Incredible, and here is the bike charger I use. SpinPOWER S1 Bicycle USB Charger Kit ? Bicycle Cell Phone Charger Kit for Smartphones, PDAs, Handhelds ? HTC, LG, Samsung, Motorola, Sony Erikson, Droids, Nokia, Palm, Blackberry, etc. - Bike2Power
    I have used it to power my cycling apps, also for GPS, and I have tested it on rides up to 8 hours. The charger sustained the phone battery without any issues, and battery went down maybe 5% with the screen on the entire time.
    I hope it helps.
  12. Gotte

    Gotte Active Member

    Hey thanks for that, much appreciated. I'll check it out.

    All the best

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