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will this work on lg thrive.Support

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  1. calebd

    calebd New Member

  2. greg4android

    greg4android Well-Known Member

  3. K2andriod

    K2andriod Member

    Ya, it can probably be done. The only reason I say probably is because I haven't done it on my Thrive. If you root your phone I think that will allow you to download the android phone 7 mod in the theming and customization part of this site.
  4. donavan01

    donavan01 Active Member

    This absolutely will not work. The theme you have is for Windows Mobile. This is in no way the same as an android phone. Though they may share some of the same hardware they are infact completely different in the way the software runs. With enough elbow grease you might be able to find a way to port this over to the android platform or if your lucky maybe someone else will do it for you. But even if its ported over you are still looking at a theme that is meant for a completely different operating system and hardware so things will be different. Its sort of like ramming a go cart engine in a motorcycle yeah it might get you there but at what cost. So your either giving up the dream or learning how to port themes.

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