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  1. spaniel1287

    spaniel1287 Member

    I just got a brand new samsung galaxy s II from sprint for free. They had some one day deal and I just picked it up. I have been doing some research and am coming up with mixed reviews on different extended batteries for this phone. I am wondering if the i9250 Galaxy Nexus is the same phone as the galaxy s II at sprint? Trying to figure out if the case will work or not. Here is a link to the case+battery I was looking at. Just trying to find some conformation about it to make sure it will work. Or maybe it won't. Thanks for anyones help.

  2. Netcat

    Netcat Well-Known Member

    I think since you're new here your link didn't show up. The Galaxy S2 series of phones are not the same as the i9250 Galaxy Nexus. I was looking at some pics of the i9250 Galaxy Nexus and it doesn't even look the same as the GS2. More rounded at the bottom and has three instead of four buttons at the bottom (the search button is missing).

    Personally I just ordered an extended battery with cover, and a case from Ebay that fits the phone with the extended battery. The battery has mixed reviews but at this price I'm giving it a try. I should get it by Mon or Tues and I'll and post a quick review then. Here's the link to the battery. The cover is further down that page...

    [​IMG]Trexcell Samsung Epic 4G Touch 3800mAh Extended Battery Cover Sprint Only | eBay
  3. spaniel1287

    spaniel1287 Member

    I am looking for a case that looks more like this one:
    Amazon.com: Onite Extended Capacity 3500mAh Li-ion Battery for Samsung Google Galaxy Nexus I9250, Samsung Google Nexus 3, Samsung Galaxy X (With NFC) & Black Back Cover: Cell Phones & Accessories

    I like how that one is slick and kind of goes together. I am wondering if this will work with the D710 gs2 from sprint.
    Or if this one will work with the D710:
    3800mAh Rechargeable Extended Battery + Back Cover for i9250 Galaxy Nexus-in Mobile Phone Batteries from Phones & Telecommunications on **********.com

    Any thoughts people? or maybe I should call samsung and ask them. I could always just buy it and then if it doesn't work ship it back. Trying to avoid that hassle. But there just doesn't seem to be any extended battery back cases for the D710 that look like these 2. I did see the MUGEN and SEIDO ones, but those are over $60 everywhere I look. Any input would be helpful thanks.
  4. spaniel1287

    spaniel1287 Member

    You are probably right, they wouldn't work for the gs2 for sprint. I guess I will just get one of those bulky things. Anything would be better than the original battery for these things. They don't last at all.
  5. Netcat

    Netcat Well-Known Member

    From what I've read it's really not too too bulky and feels good in the hand. Another thing is you never have to look at your phone to see if it is upside down!

    I like the shape of the back covers on both of what you are looking at, but their covers won't fit the E4GT. I think that their batteries are the same physical size as the one I showed you, and their covers will stick out just as far, just a different shape. If you want a 3800mA battery, it HAS to be fatter than a 1800mA stock battery. You can't get around that. If you see a 3500 or 3800 mA battery and it claims to be almost the same size as the original, stay away!
  6. spaniel1287

    spaniel1287 Member

    Yup, I ordered the Trexcell one off of amazon. I do like it bigger and thicker. I had the EVO 4G and i loved the back case it had. It was smooth continuous one like I posted of those 2, but oh well, for a cheap price as long as the battery lasts a ton longer I guess thats all I'm really after. I wish I could delete all that extra apps and crap that came preloaded. I have heard about rooting, but I have never done it before and I don't want to break the phone.
  7. Netcat

    Netcat Well-Known Member

    I haven't rooted for the same reason, but some people do it all the time and have good results. I'm more interested in having a good working phone, not the latest update. My phone works fine so as they say, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!" Also if you root your phone and remove any of the stock apps, you won't get any more updates from Sprint.

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