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  1. eyebeam

    eyebeam Well-Known Member

    OOOH -amoled!:p Now I see what you're saying. Transformer droid... tough. After these next few I'll see if I can do anything good.

  2. eyebeam

    eyebeam Well-Known Member

    So, let's see what you think of this.


    Large - Magnify before saving
    Loaded Orangatang Wallpaper

    Let me know if it's ok.
  3. brandon0716

    brandon0716 Member

    ...Wow... That is PERFECT. Do you use Photoshop for these? All of yours turn out REALLY well... Nice work!!!
  4. eyebeam

    eyebeam Well-Known Member

    Great! Glad you like it, and I thank you for the compliment.

    No Photoshop (can't afford it. Yes I know there are "other" ways to get it - that's just not me.) I use a combination of on and offline programs. Each has it's own strengths I find useful, and bounce the elements between them. Undoubtedly not the most efficient or best method, but you go with what you have.

    @ clark_K - You're up next.

    @ stublake13 - You're after that.

    @ davila - I've collected a few things that could work. I haven't forgotten. Still no guarantees though.
  5. eyebeam

    eyebeam Well-Known Member

    @ clark_k -

    Alright then... I'm pretty happy with the way this one turned out. Let's see if you agree.


    Full size - Enlarge on page before saving
    SuperDroid Wallpaper

    BTW - This one was fun. Good idea!

    edit: Smaller SuperDroid version.


    SuperDroid #2 Wallpaper
  6. clark_k

    clark_k New Member

    Great work eyebeam! I like the space/USA-world background. Better than slate gray for sure. I don't know how you find time to do all this, but many thanks.

    I'm already having a bunch of ideas with SuperDroid, but I'll let you get back to other requests.

    Best of luck in your future works, can't wait to see more of the art.
  7. eyebeam

    eyebeam Well-Known Member

    Glad you liked it. I put it on my phone and felt like the Droid and flag planet should be a little smaller. Revised version in previous post.

    If you've got ideas, bring 'em on. If I don't have time right away, I'll at least keep them in the old noodle.

    And, as always, I appreciate your thanks.
  8. eyebeam

    eyebeam Well-Known Member

    Hmmm... Ok, here's my best shot at it.


    Large - Magnify before saving
    TransformoDroid better version Wallpaper
  9. SB13X

    SB13X Well-Known Member

    Thats the frakking dogs clackers!! Thankyou [​IMG]
  10. eyebeam

    eyebeam Well-Known Member

    Dogs clackers?!? That's a new one to me, ha ha! Um... thanks, I guess? :D

    Anyway, I looked at it some more and decided the Android scale arms did not cut it. Seemed like a good idea at the time... Oh well, I think it's much better now. Check it out in the previous post (#184).
  11. scoob55

    scoob55 Well-Known Member

    i was wondering if you could make a wallpaper that involves geocaching!! anything would be nice!!!
  12. eyebeam

    eyebeam Well-Known Member

    For the sake of the viewers of this thread who may not know and may or may not be too lazy to look it up :D, could you explain briefly what geocaching is and what a wallpaper on the subject might entail? Just for the poor readers, you understand...
  13. scoob55

    scoob55 Well-Known Member

    sure lol......to sum it up, geo (terrain/geography) caching (searching), geocaching is a worldwide 'hide and seek' if you will game....persons who hide 'caches' (thats what the objects you find are called) will upload the gps coordinates of the cache to the geocaching website and people who search for the caches can use gps recievers or android apps and find them!!
    this is the official website (Geocaching - The Official Global GPS Cache Hunt Site)

    for people more interested read more or just go to website and watch the video

    all cache containers have a log in it so users can sign their usernames for proof and recognition of finding the cache. containers can range from micro (only big enough for small rolled up piece of log paper) to ammo cans or bigger that hold all sorts of goodies.

    on geocaching.com, you can search for caches around your location (you may be surprised how many are around you and you not even know it)

    the android OS has numerous geocaching apps, personally i use c:geo....on the app you can view all the caches around you, it uses the phones gps map and outlays cache icons all over the map. once you find one the app can automatically log your visit to the website. i personally just search for caches, i havnt hidden any yet.......

    this game is awesome if you are into the outdoors and adventure.....since this is an android forum, anyone with an android phone or gps reciever can participate.

    these are geocaching pics that you could use for a wallpaper, hope this is good enough info lol, dont feel the need to do the wallpaper if youre not interested....THANKS!!!
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  14. eyebeam

    eyebeam Well-Known Member

    @ scoob55 - Ok, now that our audience has a better understanding of geocaching :eek:... I think I can work something up for you. Still finishing one up for Davila, and then I'll start on this. Don't change that dial!
  15. scoob55

    scoob55 Well-Known Member

    sweet that sounds good, thanks!!
  16. jmc55

    jmc55 Active Member

    looking forward to this one. thanks for the post scoob55...i love caching too!
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  17. snapa13

    snapa13 New Member

    Haha, like this. Just bought a Desire so the image really appeals! Added a couple of extra textures, warmed the tones, added text and reduced the res' to 72dpi. Not sure if the latter's a good thing but looks sharp enough on the phone. Thanks Vulcan. :)

    See image below or click here for image in a new window

    Attached Files:

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  18. eyebeam

    eyebeam Well-Known Member

    @ Davila - I kept fooling around with this one and I felt like this worked best. More kept being less. We'll see if you agree.


    Full version - Enlarge on page before saving (or, I just figured out, the Download button saves it in large resolution too)
    Illuminati Wallpaper
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  19. eyebeam

    eyebeam Well-Known Member

    That looks really good. Like the "deconstructed" Vibe. Thanks for your contribution!
  20. eyebeam

    eyebeam Well-Known Member

    Great! Way to put the pressure on! :) This one next.
  21. CrazyKnight128

    CrazyKnight128 Well-Known Member

    Hey EyeBeam i was wondering if you could make a VW themed wallpaper. It doesnt have to to crazy or any thing like that. I dont really like the color blue, I would love something in the color green With perhaps my screen name in it.
  22. eyebeam

    eyebeam Well-Known Member

    Sure. Ill put this on in the Q. Any particular VW (make, color), or maybe just something with the logo?
  23. CrazyKnight128

    CrazyKnight128 Well-Known Member

    Just something with the logo would be awesome. Thanks In advanced

    By the way i have a droid eris, If it makes a difference which i dont think it does.
  24. eyebeam

    eyebeam Well-Known Member

    @ scoob55, jmc55 - Hey, I just noticed your both usename55 - is that some sort of super secret caching thing? Anyway, here goes. 2 versions.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Full versions - Enlarge or use download button
    Geocache Wallpaper 1

    Geocache Wallpaper 2
    Let me know if you like them.

    edit: to add what I think is better.
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  25. scoob55

    scoob55 Well-Known Member

    SWEET!!! they look really good, i love what you did with the vertical logo and the X marks the spot!!! you did really good...thanks for your work!!

    the '55' isnt a caching thing lol, he's my father but we both cache in different locatoins. im in central VA and he is in Northern VA....

    if youre interested, i saw that you were located in richfield mn....below are the locations of caches near you....seem to be alot lol....
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