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  1. condog

    condog Well-Known Member

    hi again, could you possibly change all the red in this picture to a neon green? thanks!

  2. dsimages

    dsimages Member

    This kinda Green....

    EDIT: Larry, let me know if you do not want me editing your images....
  3. skwerm

    skwerm Well-Known Member

    Nice work, Larry.

    How about an Acura-themed wallpaper...maybe with Aegean Blue Pearl (or just blue :) )

    This would be for mytouch3g

  4. leachk

    leachk New Member


    could you do that just as it is, for the motorola droid?
    and im sure this is alot to ask but you wouldnt know how to make it so its legitimate looking from both the landscape view as well as the closed view? thanks alot man
  5. LarryMartin830

    LarryMartin830 Active Member

    sorry for it being so late...i finnished putting in my transmission in my car i freaking took me 20 hours to do it by my self...and then come home to my modem being fried so im teathering on my eris...i will have this up bye the end of the day...and dsimages have fun your helping me out...maybe if we get enough people we can start our own section for just wallpapers
  6. LarryMartin830

    LarryMartin830 Active Member

    heres a idea i have more
  7. LarryMartin830

    LarryMartin830 Active Member

    once i get my internet fix i will make every ones that day i don't want to get raped with fees for my cell bill
  8. wally1981

    wally1981 Member

    Hey Larry,

    I was wondering if you could make me a sweet hockey one of the Minnesota Wild. I have a Droid Eris.

  9. JUNGI

    JUNGI Well-Known Member

    haha nice! i like what you did, saving. i was wondering if you could do one that wasnt so dark, with the flag bigger :D the girl was not something i had in mind. oh and sorry to hear about your transmission/modem.

  10. skwerm

    skwerm Well-Known Member

    Thanks, man. Looking forward to it
  11. graywolferis1

    graywolferis1 Well-Known Member

    A bunch of apples(apple logo) and The Android Man in the middle? Eris. :)
  12. LarryMartin830

    LarryMartin830 Active Member

    ok my internet is back......:D:D:D:D:D
  13. Stolz25

    Stolz25 Well-Known Member

    How about a challenge? For the Droid.


    For the middle home screen, with these on either side of it.



    Edit: Okay, my pictures don't seem to be showing up for me, so I'll try to explain instead. The OSU (Oklahoma state university) logo on the main page with 2 different Pistol Pete macots on the sides.
  14. Drumminraider204

    Drumminraider204 Well-Known Member

    anyway I could get an android robot guy with a dallas stars jersey for the lock screen? And a Stars, Texas third logo for the wallpaper? Thanks in advance
  15. Drumminraider204

    Drumminraider204 Well-Known Member

    sorry forgot to put for the Eris
  16. pembroke2

    pembroke2 Member

    hey could you make me a sailfish lockscreen then another sailfish wallpaper?
    i have the HTC droid eris

    Thanks ahead of time :D
  17. LarryMartin830

    LarryMartin830 Active Member

    i am working on all at the same time so dont worry they will be up
  18. Nutopia

    Nutopia New Member

    Hey - thanks for doing this! I'm a huge Bob Dylan fan and would love to have a Dylan themed wallpaper on my Motorola Droid. I'll throw in a few links to pictures and let your creative side come up with something, if that's okay :)




    Let me know if this works - and thanks again! I'm no good with graphics.
  19. pembroke2

    pembroke2 Member

    do you have an idea of when these will be up?
  20. LarryMartin830

    LarryMartin830 Active Member

    I can't get the motive to do yours....its kinda hard since i can't find any good pics
  21. LarryMartin830

    LarryMartin830 Active Member

  22. zeek78

    zeek78 Member

    i would if you could make an anime wallpaper please! ( i like bleach th most, or trigun and hellsing or just any anime really, i love them all)

    i should be getting the mytouch 1.2 this month(hopefully the Wednesday it comes out on) and would love to have somthing like that on my phone
  23. Drumminraider204

    Drumminraider204 Well-Known Member

    Can you make me a Dallas Stars one like you did with the Wild one for the Eris?
  24. pie

    pie Member

    New York Yankees
  25. gadgetnut

    gadgetnut New Member

    University of Texas Longhorns? Droid Eris

    Just got a burnt orange faceplate...very nice! your graphics are awesome!

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