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Willing to pay for root

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  1. lerdeder

    lerdeder Member

    Yup, I'm that desperate. I am willing to pay someone to help me root my Desire Z. I recently got the gingerbread update, and honestly the apps I used to mimic a vanilla android experience (I kinda hate sense) now no longer work, and I can't deal. It's either get lucky and have someone walk me through each step, or buy a new phone.

    I am willing to pay, just name a reasonable price.

    I am at your mercy, gentlemen (ladies?) and I hope to hear from someone soon. Real soon.

  2. lerdeder

    lerdeder Member

    Bump! Please!

    $100.00 sound good?
  3. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    Your location would probably be of help. ;) I'm assuming Canada?
  4. lerdeder

    lerdeder Member

    Yesssurrr, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

    Like I said, I really like some aspects of android native ui, and I just can't achieve them with sense, and since getting gingerbread it's that much worse, so I am desperate.
  5. lerdeder

    lerdeder Member

    I'll try one more bump before I sell this thing.

  6. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    I'd love to help you out but NS is a bit of a hike from Old Scotia. :)

    Have you looked at the rooting guide(s)? The process isn't as complicated as it looks, honestly.
  7. lerdeder

    lerdeder Member

    Yar,Old Scotia to New Scotia would be quite the trip, my man. I have looked at the guides and have tried 2 times now with no luck. To be very honest this gingerbread ota update has done nothing impressive but has really neutered some apps and gave me a slew of new bugs.

    I would be willing to pay if even you could walk me through the steps via ventrillo or skpye, gtalk etc. Like I said, paying is cheaper than buying a new phone and transferring money is way easier also!
  8. smakme7757

    smakme7757 Well-Known Member


    Follow that guide it's super simple. Download the attached files in that forum thread and overwrite the ones in my zip file as I've rooted a few phones and I'm not sure what version is there.

    Here are my ADB files all zipped up and ready to go, you also need to install HTC Sync as well. Extract my files to c:\adb for easy access.

    Then follow the instructions in the link above. Copy and paste the commands and change file locations if need be!

    To check that your device is foundby the OS type this into your terminal window:
    C:\adb\platform-tools\adb.exe devices

    If your device pops up then you're good to go :)
  9. tambarnack

    tambarnack New Member

    Hello everyone,

    I'm having the same dilemma as many htc desire z users on the Bell Mobility Network.

    Here's what I've done so far:
    - downloaded and used the files located at http://jack-brennan.com/Downloads/adb.rar
    - followed the steps listed on the xda-developers forum with thread id = 1178912
    - ...
    - perform "adb reboot bootloader"
    - the file image file is found though I always get the "Model id incorrect Update failed" error.

    My boot information:
    vision pvt ship s-on
    APR 2011, 23:36:27

    Here's my fastboot oem boot message:
    (bootloader) setup_tag addr=0xA0000100 cmdline add=0x8D0878FC
    (bootloader) TAG:Ramdisk OK
    (bootloader) TAG:smi ok, size = 0
    (bootloader) TAG:hwid 0x0
    (bootloader) TAG:skuid 0x25203
    (bootloader) TAG:hero panel = 0xF
    (bootloader) TAG:engineerid = 0x4
    (bootloader) MCP dual-die
    (bootloader) MCP dual-die
    (bootloader) TAG:mono-die = 0x0
    (bootloader) Device CID is not super CID
    (bootloader) CID is BM___001
    (bootloader) setting->cid::BM___001
    (bootloader) serial number: HT0ASRV01608
    (bootloader) commandline from head: no_console_suspend=1
    (bootloader) command line length =492
    (bootloader) active commandline: board_vision.disable_uart2=0 board_visio
    (bootloader) n.usb_h2w_sw=0 board_vision.disable_sdcard=0 diag.enabled=0
    (bootloader) board_vision.debug_uart=0 smisize=0 userdata_sel=0 androidbo
    (bootloader) ot.emmc=true androidboot.baseband= androidboot
    (bootloader) .cid=BM___001 androidboot.batt_poweron=good_battery androidb
    (bootloader) oot.carrier=BM androidboot.mid=PC1012000 androidboot.keycaps
    (bootloader) =qwerty androidboot.mode=normal androidboot.serialno=HT0ASRV
    (bootloader) 01608 androidboot.bootloader=0.85.0013 zygote_oneshot=off km
    (bootloader) emleak=off no_console_suspend=1
    (bootloader) aARM_Partion[0].name=misc
    (bootloader) aARM_Partion[1].name=recovery
    (bootloader) aARM_Partion[2].name=boot
    (bootloader) aARM_Partion[3].name=system
    (bootloader) aARM_Partion[4].name=cache
    (bootloader) aARM_Partion[5].name=userdata
    (bootloader) aARM_Partion[6].name=devlog
    (bootloader) aARM_Partion[7].name=pdata
    (bootloader) partition number=8
    (bootloader) Valid partition num=8
    (bootloader) jump_to_kernel: machine_id(2245), tags_addr(0x4000100), kern
    (bootloader) el_addr(0x4008000)
    (bootloader) -------------------hboot boot time:4361 msec
    FAILED (status read failed (Too many links))
    finished. total time: 8.265s

    Software information
    Android version: 2.3.3
    Software number: 2.42.666.8

    At this point, i'm pretty much running out of option. Should I use a goldcard? Last time I attempted a gold card, my phone had trouble reading the card. I followed the part 1 of this link: [GUIDE] Debranding Bell Desire Z - xda-developers

    Thank you,

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