Winamp won't run on X8 with Floyo 1.0

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  1. M.Hansen

    M.Hansen New Member


    I'm relatively new to the Android Root and ROM stuff. But yesterday I decided to change the default Rom on my SE X8 to Floyo 1.0.
    Thankfully everything went smoothly... I think, cause there is one problem.

    Every time I open Winamp it displays an error message 'The program Winamp (process com.nullsoft.winamp) has stopped unexpectedly'.

    Anyone knows what's causing this?

    Kind regards


  2. gabeyong

    gabeyong Well-Known Member


    You might wanna use this <--

    cheers :)
  3. M.Hansen

    M.Hansen New Member

    Thanks for the tip. It seems like a good app and best of all, it doesn't shut down by itself. :)

    But I'm still wondering what causes Winamp to crash..

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