Windows 7 32-bit problem installing NPSSupport

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  1. bisanu

    bisanu Well-Known Member

    hi guys i have a problem while trying to install new nps. how did u manage to install nps, and which version are u using to update sw? thanks

  2. rougeman73

    rougeman73 New Member

    Just right click on the install file, go to properties, then compatibility, put the check mark next to "Run this program in compatibility mode for:". I left mine as windows XP ( service Pack 3), then click apply, and then OK. Now the the program should install.
  3. bisanu

    bisanu Well-Known Member

    i managed to install it that way but still got an error. after that i run NPS but my galaxy wont update
  4. Cougar

    Cougar Well-Known Member

    Worked fine for me on Windows 7, no compatibility mode or anything required.

    If your problem is with NPS functionality post-install though, that's a "feature" and well documented on here. Short answer is that NPS is good for driver installation and not much else, it's broken out of the box. Theoretically it'll do 'official' updates but I've never seen it and to be honest it's much less pain just to use Odin.
  5. I have installed NPS (Ver. IL5, which can be downloaded from Samsung Mobile India website) on Win 7(32 bit) and it works fine.

    Of course when you double click on the setup it tells stuff like 'OS not supported', and then you are given 2 options by Win 7 'Reinstall using recommended settings' and another one which I don't remember.

    Just click 'Reinstall using recommended settings' and it will get installed and work like a charm(IL5 also backs up and restores the contacts, something which previous versions of NPS were incapable of). I have even used adb as well as Odin from Win 7(32 bit) and these tools also work well in it.
  6. adamstuart07

    adamstuart07 New Member

    I Install it as you tell in thread but still i got an error massage please tell any other alternate solution for this problem

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