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  1. Hi all,
    I cannot sync my pulse with pc suite on a windows 7 computer. PC suite does not pick up the phone at all!

    I can find my micro usb card and copy data to and from it so its not a cable issue but probably a driver issue as the manual for the pulse suggests using a windows xp or vista computer.

    Can anyone help please



  2. spoke

    spoke Member

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  3. Thanks spoke, I'll give them a try.

    A bit worring that the pulse has been around for a year now and the phone is still being shipped with android 1.5 and pcsuite software which has no drivers for windows 7.

    I have checked the t-mobile website and cannot find the android 2.1 update nor drivers for win 7, looks like t mobile provide very little support for this phone.

    Suppose you get what you pay for!
  4. spoke

    spoke Member

    T-Mobile did put out a 2.1 update for a while but pulled it as it was too buggy.

    You're much better off with a custom ROM, have a look at the ones in the same forum as the drivers, I can thoroughly recommend the FLB one, I've been running that with 2.1 for months and it's like having a new phone compared to 1.5.

    Development is also ongoing on Froyo but that one isn't quite ready for everyday use yet.

    This is a very useful resource - The Ultimate Pulse Owners Guide - Android @ MoDaCo

    Should tell you everything you need to know.

    T-Mobile support for the phone is next to useless but the community support is brilliant.
  5. mpskentuk

    mpskentuk New Member

    Don't know what you mean? PCSuite works fine on my Windows 7 machine. You just need to update the drivers in the device manager by pointing the update drivers to the Vista drivers in the pcsuite folder. Once done it works fine.
  6. Thanks for the reply,
    I did see that fix on the web at MoDaCo (device manager-right click-properties-update driver-browse to pc suite-vista AMD64).

    I can get the PCsuite to now see the phone, however I still cannot sync my contacts. Any other suggestions?


  7. Well after a battle with PCsuite, i never got it to work, so i gave up. What a shame.

    So I tried out the app MyPhonExplorer and its great. Works well with android 1.5, and syncs perfactly with my PC. Why cant the software distributed with the phone work like this.....!

    And where is the android 2.1 update???????????????????????????
  8. LegolasBEG

    LegolasBEG New Member

    dear friends, i have the same problem. pc suit doesen't recognize the mobile phone even though pc does. i have win 7. i installed already the drivers from the link above but still no connectivity. when i open device menager, it seems that the driver above isn't installed. also, i cannot make a connection vie bluetooth as weel.
    do you have any tips for me?
    please just to let you know that i'm not a native english speaker (what is obvious already) and that i'm not very much into mobile phones and devices.
    thank you very much!!!!
  9. LegolasBEG

    LegolasBEG New Member

  10. I never got PCsuite to work with Win 7, however others have tweaked the drivers to do so.

    Try the free app MyPhonExplorer. It's great! works wirelessly and syncs contacts, text messages, phone call logs and data from the SD card.

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