Windows 7 can't see my ChaserSupport

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  1. I'm an android developer and I'm new here so I'm not sure I'm in the right place. I do know that they won't let me ask these kinds of questions over on StackOverflow...

    I just purchased a Virgin Mobil "Chaser" android phone in order to test my apps with a real phone. I can't get my Windows 7 system to see the phone.

    I put android:debuggable="true" into my manifest file.
    I enabled USB debugging on the phone.
    I installed the "Chaser_Driver_Setup_V1.2.1"

    The phone does not show up in Device Manager under Other Devices.
    Eclipse cannot find the device
    When I run adb devices from my android-sdk\platform-tools directory nothing is listed.

    TIA, Gary

  2. I was incorrect on one issue: Computer Manager does see the phone under the category: Android Phone -> Android Composite ADB Interface

    However Eclilpse nor the command adb devices show the phone.
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    Welcome to the Android Forums!

    Probably the best place for your question will be in our Virgin Mobile Chaser forum

    To insure that we get your question in front of the folks who can answer it quickest, I'll move your post to the Chaser forum.

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