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Windows 7 laptop won't recognize phoneSupport

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  1. turbobdogg

    turbobdogg New Member

    Hello Folks,

    My windows 7 laptop will not recognize my phone. I have tried three different USB cables, downloaded Samsung Kies, and the drivers direct from TMobile and Samsung, yet my phone will not sync with computer. The message pops up and says "USB Device Not Recognized". The computer knows that it is plugged, since the message pops up, and I have tried with and without debugging mode on. Anyone have any tips/downloads/ideas to get my computer to recognize the device so it can be rooted?

    Thanks for your help ahead of time.

  2. iChinadian

    iChinadian Member

    Have you tried using a different USB port? Also try uninstalling the driver (I'd use the one from Samsung only), reboot, then re-install the driver.
  3. TehDewster

    TehDewster Member

    Have you tried going into settings, SD card and phone storage, unmount SD card
    then when it finishes, take off the back cover, find the SD card slot and lightly push at it.
    It will then pop out.
    Then get a micro SD reader and put the micro SD card into the reader.
    Then put the reader into your computer.
    When done, to put the SD card back in, goto the slot and put the SD card in lightly and then push it in lightly.

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