Windows 7 X64 adb driver

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  1. 2die4

    2die4 Member

    Hi, after much troubles i have finally found correct driver for ADB service to run on win7 x64

    If someone needs just go here!

    Why i make new thread, heh, after half hour googling and searching all i found was some not working 'solutions'

  2. Blitzkri3g

    Blitzkri3g Well-Known Member

    You know what? Thats just odd! I worked with
    the first driver I got my hands on!
    Same OS as you here...
  3. 2die4

    2die4 Member

    Well, u just got lucky :)
  4. coman_nick

    coman_nick Well-Known Member

    I got lucky too. Or were YOU unlucky? 2vs1 ;-)
  5. 2die4

    2die4 Member

    What are u tryin to prove?

    U know what are forums for at first place??? When someone need help he will find this, when someone needs same thing then they will find now.

    And after all my name is responsible for many many things in gsm business u can google that if u like and then put my knowledge and your luck in doubt.

    Peace out boys heh
  6. coman_nick

    coman_nick Well-Known Member

    OMG OMG! Didn't you invent the keypad or something?
    No, no, wait a minute ... no you didn't.

    Don't understand what are you so upset about. I have had many phones over many years and never heard of you. GSM phones. Seriously!

    Me and my pal were stating that we never heard about anybody who had these problems. Thus, we are the majority (the ones who didn't use a "special" driver). So we were not lucky, you were unlucky. Nothing else. No ofence was intended but you still got upset.

    And just so I'm not offtopic, doesn't the SE PC Companion install this driver by itself? Because I never installed any X8 driver for my win7 x64 and still it's working.

    Edit: I didn't find you on google. Guess my google is broken
  7. 2die4

    2die4 Member

    I think you should get a life.
  8. cerebro84

    cerebro84 New Member

    Thank you! I was just looking for this. Windows update didn't find it, adb worked fine with my G1 but not with X8.
  9. salt79

    salt79 New Member

    Thanx , I need it
  10. mcardinez1

    mcardinez1 New Member

    would this work on my 3g slide
  11. menion

    menion New Member

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