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Windows 8.1 CalendarsSupport

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  1. Alinseisen

    Alinseisen New Member

    Help, the google and microsoft war is killing me. I recently purchased a microsoft surface pro 2 as I need the full windows capability and office applications on the go not thinking about the support between the Android galaxy S4 and windows 8.1. The surface is a great device for what I need as a good hybrid between a tablet and an actual computer but I am struggling with the lack of support between MS and google. I prefer to stay with my gmail calendars but these are not supported in the windows 8.1 default calendar application on the surface. The Microsoft answer is to move all of my mail and calendars to outlook.com. I created a test account and tried this out but I have issues getting it to work with the calendar app on my S4. I tried adding the outlook.com app to my phone in hopes of getting the calendars to sync but I am not able to make it work and only get the email portion. I spent a lot of time searching this forum but get thoroughly confused with the various Keis / Windows Live Mail, etc. What I need is all of my calendars to display and sync on one calendar on the S4 and in the default calendar in Windows 8.1. Can anyone offer advice or tell me if there is a work around to this?

  2. Just bumping this up as I have exactly the same problem.

    I don't even care anymore what the calendar is like, as long as I can find one that syncs across both systems. I, too, have spent a ridiculous amount of time googling this issue and haven't found a reply that helps.
  3. NerdKiller

    NerdKiller New Member

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