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windows 8

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  1. pbf98

    pbf98 Well-Known Member Contributor

    Ok, I installed it on a virtual box..... I messed around for two hours on it, I am just confused, and I have a technical background..

    There were a couple things I liked.

    the live tiles is a good idea, I like how it asked me if I had a Microsoft account (ie hotmail), reminds me of google. But that connects your mail live tile and also sets your default password.
    I did like the internet explorer app, not the desktop version, but the app itself..

    With Windows 8 it seems as if Start becomes your new desktop (as in you spend most of your time there )

    Maybe with a few more hours I will get it haha

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  2. Speed Daemon

    Speed Daemon Disabled

    Does it allow you to continue without a MS/MSN/Hotmail account? That's a big turnoff for me, and one reason why I'm no longer renewing my Technet/MSDN subscriptions. Not the biggest sin they've committed by a long shot, but certainly a nail in the coffin. If they make that mandatory for Windows, I'll quit Microsoft at Windows 7.
  3. Xyro

    Xyro 4 8 15 16 23 42 Moderator

    Yeah, you can use it without. You wont have access to the app store though - which may or may not bother you.
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  4. pbf98

    pbf98 Well-Known Member Contributor

    well if you think about it, its the same as google. To fully experience your android phone you need a gmail account.
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  5. Speed Daemon

    Speed Daemon Disabled

    There's a pretty large gap between "fully experience" and "use at all" though.

    I had my phone for a few months before I got a gmail account, and I got it for reasons unrelated to the phone. Maybe my carrier and all of its software made this possible.

    I got a hotmail account back when it was the equivalent to what gmail is today. Because I had no shortage of e-mail addresses, I used the hotmail account mainly to sign up at websites that I didn't completely trust, and didn't use it on a regular basis. When Microsoft took over, a lot of that convenience was lost because they'd close my account for inactivity, ask for more personal information than I wanted to give etc. etc.

    When Technet and MSDN started demanding that I either join MSN (a pay-for service at the time) or open yet another-because-they-closed-my-last hotmail account as the sole conduit for accessing my business accounts with Microsoft, that didn't sit well with me at all. I didn't need more e-mail accounts to keep track of, and being the top corporate IT officer for a life-or-death business it was against my own corporate policy. But the business wasn't going to give up Windows over this, so I had no choice.

    Since then, Microsoft has gotten more and more disagreeable about tying their professional services to their consumer products. I don't like it. It has been an influencing factor in me moving away from Microsoft products. Since leaving that job when it vanished during a corporate takeover, I've all but stopped supporting Windows. I've made exceptions, like with clients with existing Microsoft Select contracts that I don't have to administer. But aside from that I've been leaning towards educating existing clients about why buying Microsoft products for the workplace don't make fiscal sense (only when that's true, of course) and letting go of some lucrative clients that aren't lucrative enough for me to spend a lot of time keeping on top of all of Microsoft's products.

    Now speaking as a consumer who has had nothing but trouble with Microsoft mail, Live and MSN (I can't get photos of loved ones because MSN demands that I sign up first) being unwanted intrusions, if I got a new Microsoft Surface and saw "Sign in/up with your Microsoft account", that thing would go right back into the box and be returned with a strong suggestion to the store manager that they should warn their customers about tricks like that.

    I've noticed that Google has been acting a little big for its breeches lately. Nothing big, but definitely a move in the wrong direction for me. I like Android just fine, but I'm prepared to leave it behind and never look back if push comes to shove. I've done it before in business, and I'm sure I'll do it plenty more before they lower me into the ground.
  6. Mehta23

    Mehta23 Well-Known Member

    I was real close to actually buying a copy of windows 8. The cd pack was £25, the same as the digital download.
    I was thinking that the original £50 was quite a bit to have a "play" on it to see if I like it was but £25 seems alright.
    Just wanted to sort of recap on the disadvantages of Win 8.....is it just people don't like change, and some things are incompatible? Would my steam games work?
  7. Xyro

    Xyro 4 8 15 16 23 42 Moderator

    I haven't ran into any game that hasn't worked from day one. I have noticed that no stable Nvidea drivers have been released for my graphics card so far, although 5 different beta builds have been released and I've always found betas to work just fine.

    The two programs I couldn't run were Phrase Express (a text expander), although they recently fixed that, and the program that comes with my Logitech mouse (so currently I cannot change what the extra buttons on it do). I believe many firewalls and antivirus programs have required updates for windows 8 compatibility, so check the websites of the ones you use to find out of they'll work yet.
  8. Mehta23

    Mehta23 Well-Known Member

    Not a Logitech G500 by any chance, is it? Thanks to this thread, I've seen that Windows 8 might not actually be as bad as everyone thinks :-D. Photo shop and Vegas work alright, I guess?

    Also, would it be worth running it off a virtual box first, before setting up my hard drive for a dual boot?
  9. Xyro

    Xyro 4 8 15 16 23 42 Moderator

    It's an MX518 (which was the prequel to the G400), but I think they all use the same program.

    I had a look at their website and they have replaced that software with the new "Logitech Gaming Software", although it still cannot detect my mouse for some reason.

    EDIT: Okay, a re-install fixed it. Now I can change my DPI again. :)
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  10. SamuraiBigEd

    SamuraiBigEd Under paid Sasquatch! Moderator

    OK, thought I had a problem with 8 finally, after a system update my Black Widow Ultimate starting failing but it turned out to be coincidence and after more money than I cared to spend right now on a new one it is working fine!
  11. Mehta23

    Mehta23 Well-Known Member

    Will windows stick to the low price of win 8, are they gonna hike it up soon?
    Also, my question on virtual box vs straight dual boot.

    After reading some reviews saying how good win 8 would be with a touch screen / tablet, I wonder if I made the right choice getting my ultra sharp monitor instead of a touch version.
  12. Anderson12

    Anderson12 Member

    Windows 8 is the best windows on this modern age i have install this windows in my coumpter and i am using this is great actually this si toatally like a android phone app and make your computer or laptop as a mobile phone i prefer to isntall windows 8 now in this modern age...
  13. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!! Moderator

    well those touch screen monitors are not cheap. the only one i saw was at best buy: 23" Acer Touchscreen Monitor
    not sure about the best in modern age. i liked windows 7 and even windows xp....only time will tell about windows 8. its too early to say that.
  14. Prinny

    Prinny Resident Linux Nutcase

    Touch screen monitors are too expensive for my tastes...

    As far as windows, I agree with ocn. I'm still rocking xp and 7, on two seperate machines. The xp could easily go to 7....but why change it if it is not broken?
  15. Speed Daemon

    Speed Daemon Disabled

    I've been hearing predictions that "touch screens are the wave of the future that will revolutionize computing" for well over 30 years now. I'm still not seeing it.

    I got to use a CDC PLATO V terminal, which was interesting at the time, but crude when compared to the Xerox Star.

    I've seen enough office workers with those wrist things, repetitive stress injuries and worse from keyboarding. I don't even want to know what kind of repetitive injuries might come from using a desktop touchscreen all day.

    After the novelty of using a touch screen phone/tablet has worn off, there are a lot of things that I'd much rather have off-screen controls for on my hand-held devices. But they can only be operated by the touch screen. :(

    But you know that sooner or later Microsoft will get it to be broken.

    There are a lot of things that Windows 2000 would be perfectly fine for. But because Windows developers rush to the latest Microsoft development toys, and produce output that needs XP or greater to run, I've been forced to upgrade. Eventually XP will suffer the same fate. And so on and so on.

    I wouldn't mind if I actually saw some genuine benefit for the user, but all I see is planned obsolescence. If a similar thing was done with cars for example, say a new fuel every three or four years that older cars can't use, people would be up in arms about it.
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  16. Mehta23

    Mehta23 Well-Known Member

    I'm pretty sure I found a AOC touch monitor for less than £100....
  17. CargoMatatu

    CargoMatatu Well-Known Member

  18. Davdi

    Davdi Well-Known Member Contributor

    It's a new interface, but you can still get a start button if you really want one. I actually like it, but I still think the Xerox Star had the best desktop UI (I installed and supported them in the early/mid 80's).
  19. Mehta23

    Mehta23 Well-Known Member

    So the price of win8 is said to increase by 500%.

    Thinking of getting it now ,while its cheap and putting it on my ssd when I get it.? Still worth it over sticking with win 7
  20. Atma

    Atma Well-Known Member

    I haven't regretted buying it at all. It takes me 18 seconds to boot up and that's not ssd. :D
  21. Speed Daemon

    Speed Daemon Disabled

    If Microsoft increases the price of Windows 8 500%, and the price of Windows 8 computers double overnight, sales will plummet, and Microsoft will be forced to give Windows 8 away for free in a month or two. Wait until that happens. You'll also like having the Service Pack version...
  22. Mehta23

    Mehta23 Well-Known Member


    Fine. I shall.

    In the meantime I might look at getting the dev version installed on a virtual box.
  23. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!! Moderator

    here you go the new pricing for windows 8:
    original article:
    Microsoft: Windows 8 pricing information revealed | BGR
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  24. Bob Maxey

    Bob Maxey Well-Known Member

    Bob is curious.

    Where is it said that Microsoft will raise the price of W8 by 500%? Just asking because I took a look, and the cost seems to be less than previous operating systems and while I am asking, increased from what to this 500% level?

    W8 Pro (upgrade) is $40.00 directly from MS.
  25. saptech

    saptech Well-Known Member

    Not after Jan. 31. To be honest, if I could get it for $40 I would but I don't have any Windows since I got rid of the netbook.


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