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Windows ADB root failure

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  1. babyoozaru

    babyoozaru New Member

    When I get to the shell command su it gives me permission denied, I tried exiting and restarting in usb mode, but no dice, any help much appreciated. im running 2.2.2 and DESPERATELY need this rooted so I can wifi tether, im falling behind in school badly as we speak because i can't get online for my classes

  2. speedtrap63

    speedtrap63 Active Member

    Did you apply the recent Verizon update? If so, you are screwed like the rest of us. Somehow, VZW or LG managed to block root with that update. As far as I know there is no new exploit, although there is activity over at xDA, so maybe soon.
  3. Rav20

    Rav20 Well-Known Member

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