Windows Live Calendar Sync

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  1. snot

    snot New Member


    I can sync my outlook calender and sync my hotmail email but I cant see a way to sync my Windows Live Calendar. Is there one?



    1.) Model Number ? T-Mobile G2 Touch
    2.) Firmware Version ? 1.5
    3.) Baseband Version ?
    4.) Kernel Version ? 2.6.27-0078c992 htc-kernel@and18-2 #821
    5.) Build Number ? CL#69351 release-keys

    Also do you have a T-Mobile Data plan on your
    PayAsYouGo or FlexPay Plan? I have neither PAYG or flext

    Carrier ? T-Mobile (we know some are also Unlocked so not Just T-Mobile)

    Country you are using your phone in ? UK (we know that not everyone is from the US)

    Is the phone SIM registered in T-Mobile as the Correct phone?


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