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Windows Media Player

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  1. lagard

    lagard New Member

    Hello. I'm new here! On internet there are many streams like mms:// To see and hear this video i need a plugin or a browser that can play Windows Media Player format... on my HTC HERO android mobile.

    Do you know about a browser or a plugin, application i can use for this? :)

  2. cfm4058

    cfm4058 New Member

    I was trying to listen to the Chiefs home opener on 101 the Fox Suday. I too had MMS links. Could not get them to work at all on my MyTouch. I had to use a Windows Mobile (Dash) to listen to the game. When I typed in the MMS to the browser, it automatically opened Windows Media on the Dash and worked beautifully. Does anyone know of an app that will play Windows Media files????
  3. dac413

    dac413 Member

    I am looking for an app to do this as well.
  4. memphius

    memphius Member

    I'm sorry to dissepoint you guys, there's no such thing as a Windows media player for Android yet. Suggest someone to make one (i)
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  5. bigtaxi

    bigtaxi New Member

    Yes, I too am in need of a windows media player type app. I want to play .asf files directly from a web site....Sounds like a challenge for someone ;)
  6. ralphjb

    ralphjb Active Member

    Count me in this club. I have emailed Droidlive, Wunderradio and some of the other streaming media app people but no joy yet. From the replies, I do think it will be soon. I would suggest emailing them as well. They are sure to note the surge in requests.
  7. tuminatr

    tuminatr Member

    My work phone is a HTC touch pro 2, yep windows mobile and I use it for work and to listen to the radio at Search Results for "themobilestreamcenter.com"

    I just got a new moto droid as my personal phone and am very pleased except I am surprised that it doent support streaming audio .asx or .asf or .ram maybe there is a app
  8. dmodert66

    dmodert66 Well-Known Member

    Yes, a good Dev really needs to sort this out. I would use my Droid more than I already do if I could listen to Fox Sports Radio (I can DL the podcasts, but it's just not the same)...I wonder if it's some sort of licensing issue with M$. I don't think so though, because I believe VLC Media Player will stream MMS on PC...
  9. yomijog

    yomijog New Member

    Need windows Media Pluggin for my archos 5 internet tablet. Very frustrating as i am not able to listen to my BBC stations and LBC London.
  10. bobburney

    bobburney Member

    I would like a Windows Media Player app also and have e-mailed droidlive.

    E-mailed Wunderradio too.
  11. Twotuks

    Twotuks New Member

    I totally agree that this is a top app that should be made available. I just bought a HTC Droid Eris from Verizon. I spent days trying to find a app that can listen to my favorite radio station oversea and there is no such apps at this moment. I used to do that on my Ipod Touch through Wunderradio. Can someone please...
  12. ralphjb

    ralphjb Active Member

    Wunderradio would absolutely be the best solution. Radiotime seems to be a conduit to just about everything.
  13. Twotuks

    Twotuks New Member

    After another nigth of trying, I have finally found a way to listen the mms:// stream radio on my HTC Driod Eris phone. :D
    It is not a straight shot but it works. Go to www.orb.com and download the Orb application into your PC, follow the intruction and add your custom radio stations' url. It takes a while but I was smiling when the voice of my familiar radio talk show coming out of my cell.
    Like I said, it is not a straight shot. You may also have problems finding your station's stream url from the website. For this, you can use URL Snooper to find the URL. This is another multiple steps process. :(
    The downside of Orb is that you need to keep your PC on while streaming the radio to your android phone.
  14. AdamG

    AdamG Active Member

    I don't have a solution for a native app. Wish there was one. Orb works but its a pain to either keep your computer on or set up Wake on LAN on your router.
    The easier solution is Moodio FM. Moodio FM does not provide any content. All they do is simply convert internet radio streams to formats that are suitable for mobile phones.
    On your desktop computer, go to Welcome to Moodio! | Moodio Set up a free account. Search for the station you want to listen to. Most popular stations are already on there. If you find your station, save it as a favorite. If you don't find your station, and you know the station's stream url, Find "add a new station" from the main Moodio page to enter the stream url. The instructions on how to find a stream url are also on that page. http://www.moodio.fm/new_station
    So, once you have all your favorite stations saved to My Stations, you go to the Moodio FM mobile site on your phone. m.moodio.fm
    Log in with the info from the moodio fm account you just created and you'll see your My Stations list. Note, you cannot add favorites to My Stations from the mobile site, so make sure to do it on your desktop.
    Click the link for one of your stations and you should be playing the station in a few moments. For me the stream comes over the native Android Video player, which is odd, but hey it works. If it's not working for you, you might need to download the free version of either StreamFurious or DroidLive from Android Market to make it work, but it will work.
    Good Luck
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  15. ralphjb

    ralphjb Active Member

    Woo Hoo!

    That worked! Solves the problem!
  16. bobburney

    bobburney Member

    Does not seem to work for me. It downloads a file then say's its invalid.
  17. Twotuks

    Twotuks New Member

    Hmm... Moodio was one of the dozen radio apps or porting sites that I have tried. They all works ok on my ipod touch but not my HTC Droid eris. I guess it is because the HTC Droid eris runs on android 1.5, a older version OS. It does not support the streaming service provided by the websites like Moodio.
  18. ralphjb

    ralphjb Active Member

    I have a Motorola Droid.
  19. bobburney

    bobburney Member

  20. ralphjb

    ralphjb Active Member

    I won't get a chance until this evening, but will then.
  21. ralphjb

    ralphjb Active Member

    Sorry for the delay in trying. But I just did. I was able to stream KPIG utilizing Moodio.

    Have you had any luck? I am using this all the time and am very happy with it.
  22. bobburney

    bobburney Member

    Yes thank you for checking that. Clicking on the station name instead of the URL works.
  23. JackTheMan18

    JackTheMan18 Well-Known Member

  24. ralphjb

    ralphjb Active Member

    What are using as a player? Right now, it just launches whatever the default media player is.
  25. bobburney

    bobburney Member

    It plays in a video player. Either the one that comes with the Droid or Meridian. Either way it can't do anything else at the same time. It would be nice if it played like music in the background.
    The url for the KPIG stream is rtsp://moodio-3.seeas.nl/3241763

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