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  1. Android Amateur

    Android Amateur Well-Known Member

    So last night and today I have not been able to access my USB connection through Windows... I have Vista and have tried messing with settings on both my phone and laptop...

    Does anyone have any idea why this has all-of-a-sudden started being a problem?

  2. BigCiX

    BigCiX Well-Known Member

  3. Android Amateur

    Android Amateur Well-Known Member

    The thing is, it's been working just fine until last night. Since then theres no sound, no automatic window pop-up, NOTHING! I will try the download though... THANKS!
  4. mdtolic

    mdtolic Well-Known Member

    I'm having the same problem. When I change around the USB connection, Mass Storage to Kies, I get: "PC connection available only in idle screen. Close running applications".

    A driver issue maybe, but I thought I have that installed. How do I confirm I did that properly?

    Also saw that some long files extensions may cause a problem. Got rid of Dolphin Browser and a a few others. No help.

    Sometimes after unplugging the USB from the phone and the PC, in a certain order, I seem to be able to get it to start Initializing again. But then it sgets stuck on the MTP Application and the pic of the USB cable flashes on and off the screen.

    What the heck am I doing wrong? Thanks
  5. nciiu

    nciiu New Member

    Hey guys,

    so.. i updated my vibrant using Kies but it didn't reboot on its own like it was supposed to... so i rebooted myself and i get black screen after galaxy S logo..
    tried reflashing with odin but didn't work..
    any suggestions? more thing.. when i do flashing it says data wipe failed on my phone...
  6. Craxer

    Craxer Active Member

    I had the same issue after updating to JI6. The thing that fixed it for me was turning Debugging mode on. Try that it may work.
  7. mdtolic

    mdtolic Well-Known Member

    I checked debugging and removed my SD card. Not sure which one did the trick, but I updated this afternoon. Finally.

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