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  1. fujiteam

    fujiteam Well-Known Member

    I have a laptop running Windows XP and it will not recognize the TB when it is connected. When I plug the phone into the computer it starts chagrining but neither the computer nor the phone. I have the phone set to "Ask Me" and the default connection to Disk Drive (I tried HTC Sync as well). Under hardware the TB is not recognized at all. I have tried all my USB ports. The TB will connect to my Windows 7 machine.

    Any thoughts?

  2. SecondShot

    SecondShot Well-Known Member

    Stupid question, but you downloaded HTC Sync...right? Sounds like it doesn't have the drivers.
  3. fujiteam

    fujiteam Well-Known Member

    I got Sync. I thought it was a driver issue, but when I pull up my list of hardware the phone is nowhere to be found?
  4. schlup41

    schlup41 Member

    I was unable to link to my phone until I changed my xp security setting to wpa personal. Mobile hotspot connected right up but I haven't tried the wired tether yet.
  5. fujiteam

    fujiteam Well-Known Member

    I need help to connect my phone as a disc drive or for HTC sync

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