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  1. zafonic

    zafonic Well-Known Member

    Even though I do not have a S2 myself I have to say I really like some of the live wallpaper that comes with the phone, especially the two that are the title of this particular thread.

    Does anyone know if there is a way possible of getting these live wallpapers onto my Arc at all?? I know they are exclusively to the S2, but can anyone out there give me an answer to my question?

    Many thanks.

  2. zafonic

    zafonic Well-Known Member

    YouTube - Get Galaxy S II Beach & Windmill Live Wallpapers on your Android -

    I have just come across this video on youtube.

    The person who downloaded this video mentions that you need to; "download the APK files, transfer them to your phone then install them using a free file explorer from the market.

    I have never tried doing anything this before. I do not have my own PC, so i went to my local library this morning to have a go.

    Am i suppose to connect my phone to the pc before downloading the APK files onto the computer??

    Also i can see the file in 'my documents' but when i double click on it it says:

    windows cannot open this file:

    to open this file windows needs to know what programme created it etc etc etc.

    I am at a loss at what to do next as i am not computer savvy at all. I just would like to know what is the easiest way of getting round this as i am finding it all too confusing.

    Is there anyone who can give a dummy guide to how to install these live wallpapers onto my phone going by the link i have posted above please.

    Would really appreciate if someone out there could help, as i love both these wallpapers.

    Many thanks.
  3. Teknik

    Teknik Well-Known Member

    one of them is already on the market, but i dont think it will be on there for long as someones trying to charge for it!! (they even say they ripped it off the SGS2!!)

    In reply to your how to install apk's, you need to copy them to the phone, then use a file manager to navigate to the file then tap it to install. You also need to go into your security settings and enable install from sources other than the marketplace.

    After re-reading your post, you would either need your own pc to copy the files, or download them from the net directly to your phone. Dont know if google lets you email .apk's to yourself? Either that or plug your micro SD into an adapter then into an SD port on the library computer? Or you could get a friend to put it on their phone then bluetooth it to you?
  4. zafonic

    zafonic Well-Known Member

    Thank you Teknik for taking the time to reply to my thread.
  5. MagicMarker

    MagicMarker Well-Known Member

    Woooh these wallpapers are so cooool!

    I just noticed my phone had rain on it... then I heard a massive band and it's raining cats and dogs now! My phone is having it's own electrical storm!


    Can the iphone do that? I was showing iphone users the sunny scene today at work - can the iphone do this?
  6. fluke2k

    fluke2k Member

    Ofcourse the iPhone can "do it", it's a matter of software. Hardware wise it's no problem.
    The problem _is_ that the iPhone's iOS don't support a feature like live wallpapers, so to aswer your question in the way I think you meant it; No, it can't!
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  7. shark974

    shark974 Well-Known Member

    Sorry I'm not much help, but I did get the Beach wallpaper on my captivate. It only works on Froyo or higher btw.

    For captivate, since ATT doesnt allow sideloading, I just found the APK somewhere on the web (google is your friend, for example google the exact name of the wallpaper you want, perhaps along with the term apk, should find it), downloaded it to my pc, then used the sideload wonder machine (basically a program that allows sideloading on captivate) to install it.

    Not sure how the arc works. If it allows sideloading you should be able to dowload the apk directly to your phone (again, once you find it) and install it from there.

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