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  1. Crazy4CMScrap

    Crazy4CMScrap New Member

    Why do i get winmail(dat) file attachement on my email that I get on my Evo?

  2. htcevolee

    htcevolee Well-Known Member

  3. Sid1

    Sid1 New Member

    Having the same problem and the only work around that seems to work is I set up a forwarding filter in outlook and have my emails forwarded to my gmail account which i also get over my android using k9 this inturn allows me to view my pdf, doc or xls file.
    It's not ideal but it works
  4. rejard

    rejard New Member

    TNEF is proprietary and used by Microsoft Outlook. It's associated with their Rich Text Format and isn't always understood by other clients all the time.

    info here:
    Outlook is sending winmail.dat attachments to Internet addresses

    be sure to read the article before you do anything.

    from the last part of the article:

    If all else fails...
    If nothing seems to be working and you use Outlook 2007 SP2, you can use a registry value to end TNEF encoding once and for all. This will affect your ability to use features that require TNEF encoding - Voting and Meeting Requests in native Outlook format.
    1. Close Outlook 2007
    2. Start Registry Editor (type regedit in the Start Search box or Start menu, Run command and press Enter)
    3. Locate the following registry key:
    4. Add a new DWORD named DisableTNEF.
    5. Double click on DisableTNEF and in the Value data box, type 1
    Other things to check would be the settings for removing unnecessary HTML data, to reduce the file size, and the encoding.

    BTW, having read through most of the threads on this topic, I have ot say that Macs can send in RTF from Outlook too. :D
  5. bmarotta

    bmarotta New Member

    To open winmail.dat files on Android phones, use the "Winmail.dat Reader online version" (just Google it on the Internet as I cannot post links in this forum :D)

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