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[WIP][ROM][CM7] LG-AS855 Ignite

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  1. Craptorman

    Craptorman Well-Known Member

    [​IMG] DISCLAIMER: Flash at YOUR OWN RISK!!! By flashing this you understand that that I am not liable for any or all consequences of using this ROM. If you don't know what you're doing, DON'T TRY IT. Use at your own risk! Please read everything before asking questions that may have already been answered.

    This is a WIP. NOT ALL FEATURES ARE WORKING. I am NOT an experienced developer so I may not be able to answer all questions. I am posting what I have so far in hopes of others jumping on and helping. It's at a state where it builds and boots.

    My repo is located here
    You'll need to download the zip and extract it to /android/system/device/lge/AS855/

    HOW TO:
    For a how-to on building see knzo's post here
    Before building, but after step 3 in knzo's how-to, you'll need to do a couple more things. (You can skip step 4, this is only if you're building P970)

    1.First you need to copy the proprietary files from the device. Connect the device to the computer and ensure that ADB is working properly and then run the following.

    Code (Text):
    1. cd ~/android/system/device/lge/AS855/
    2.         ./extract-files.sh
    2.Next you'll need to run setup-makefiles.sh located @ /android/system/device/lge/AS855/
    3. You'll need to add "add_lunch_combo cyanogen_AS855-eng" to the "vendor/cyanogen/vendorsetup.sh" file.
    4. Now do step 5 in knzo's post and change "p970" to "AS855"
    5. It should now be building.
    6. Troubleshoot any errors and repeat, and repeat, and repeat.

    Thanks to playfulgod for providing CWM Recovery and script files examples).
    -CM7 Crew, koush, Paranous, TryingToRoot, lMonsterl, rockodev, knzo, dsixda

    What is this ROM?
    -CM7 built from source

    What's Working:
    -Bluetooth - fixed 5/14
    -Camera - fixed 5/14
    -Video Playback - fixed 5/14
    -Cell (No data yet) - fixed 6/30

    -You MUST, do a Factory Reset prior to flashing.
    -Download or copy the zip to the root of your sdcard
    -Reboot into CWM Recovery
    -Wipe cache partition & Dalvik
    -"Install zip from Sd"
    -Select zip and hit "yes"
    -I've been wiping cache partition & Dalvik

    update-cm-7.2.0-RC1-AS855-UNOFFICIAL-signed.zip UPDATED 6/30/12

    Like what u see? Hit "Thanks"


  2. parkview

    parkview New Member

    Cant get data to work please help
  3. parkview

    parkview New Member

    Iv tried reflashing this rom at least 5 diffrent times but still a now go
  4. Craptorman

    Craptorman Well-Known Member

    Data is not working yet.
  5. parkview

    parkview New Member

    Thanks i thought i did somthing wrong
  6. UberKittyCat

    UberKittyCat New Member

    Seems as though pressing the power button to turn off the screen is kind of iffy.
    It'll turn off, but not turn the screen back on. The backlight will come on, but immediately go right back off. Sometimes, if you press the power button to turn the screen on, it'll come on after about a long while.
  7. Craptorman

    Craptorman Well-Known Member

    That was a known issue. You'll want to follow this thread. TDM and Bloodawn have been working on CM10 builds. TDM has some alpha roms posted you can try the are made for Ignite and Marquee variations.

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