Wiped my phone.. Cant fix it

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    Aug 23, 2012
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    I don't know much about Androids, so if you could be patient with my lack of knowledge, that would be killer.

    I bought this Samsung 4G LTE from a friend, once I wiped it clean, it took me to a red loading screen, and will NOT get passed it.

    So I did the whole, hold down volume up, power, and home. I tried the factory reset, and 10% of the time I do this, it will take me to the 'Begin Using Android Screen' where I pick the languange, etc.. Then it will error, and take me to the main screen where there are zero tasks running. If I plug it into my computer, Windows will not recognize the device.

    Then I tried putting my SD card in another phone, I put on there what seemed to be an Update.zip for my phone. When I try and install it from the BIOS, it aborts somewhere between 0-25%.

    Currently, I have made it far enough into my phone where I have my gmail set up, but I am all out of moves that I am aware of..

    Quite a read, thanks for your patience.

  2. Xtensageorge

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    Apr 4, 2011
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    Need more information.

    How did you "wipe it clean"? Can you share the procedure you used?

    Are you rooted or attempting to use a custom ROM? Or are you using stock ROM unrooted?

    What error are you getting after you set up gmail?
  3. kraisydave

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    Dec 12, 2010
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    What phone is it? Android is very specific between phones. You do not want to mix them up. Only follow directions for your specific model.


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