Wiped phone. Plz help with restore!

  1. MarcM

    MarcM Well-Known Member

    Last Sunday I rooted my phone, changed the boot animation, removed City ID and Tweet/Peep, and installed wireless tethering.

    Today I decided to apply s-off and put back the original boot/recovery loader so I can get the OTA update.

    I downloaded what was supposed to be the boot loader. It was a pb311mg.zip file. It put in the boot loader but it also wiped my phone. I wasn't expecting that :(

    I have Nandroid and Titanium backups. Which do I restore to get all my apps and settings back?

    So I think I should have just had a zipupdate file. I guess I need to reflash unrevoked3, run a full Nandroid restore, and then a full Titanium restore. Just need verification.

  2. yojoe600

    yojoe600 Well-Known Member

    a nand will restore everything so no need to titanium back up but titanium back up will replace all your apps and data on a new rom
  3. MarcM

    MarcM Well-Known Member

    Yes! That's what I discovered. Awesome
    Now I'm trying to find a easy to restore original boot loader without wiping.

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