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  1. DrH

    DrH Member

    As my frustration with my Strat was growing ... hanging at random times, restarting randomly, freezing intermittently ... figured it only made sense to attempt a factory reset before declaring it a failed device.

    I had gone so far as to purchase an extended battery because I was only getting a few hours with the original, but before the reset I carefully timed the extended battery as lasting only 6.5 hours with barely moderate use.

    Oh, what a difference a wipe makes!

    OK, a post-wipe lesson was that I really didn't need all of the apps I had loaded. But, again, I wasn't crazy nuts about apps (still had 20% core memory, 60% on the SD).

    But given how zippity fast its running -- with now 12 hours on the extended battery -- it leads to me ask, should a factory reset be a part of regular maintenance, every 3, 6, 9 months?

    Actually, I just checked and my Strat is a year old.
    But the question still stands.
    Is it reasonable to expect a device in moderate use to not need a reset?
    I'm guessing that somewhere in the past year I installed/uninstalled something that left a monkey in the wrench of the system.

    UPDATE T-Plus 1 day - Extended battery after 16 hours, still registering 56% power left

  2. LA1

    LA1 Member

    how do you back up everything on your strat ? i think google backs up my contacts and stuff...mostly want to back up "memos" I have attached them to e-mails they are in some format that is unknown...do not know how to get them back in the phone or where they go. Is there an app that will back up everything, then wipe and put back everything with the backup.
  3. acejavelin

    acejavelin Well-Known Member

    A factory reset should not be required for normal use if things are functioning properly, however, that being said there are still instances where a factory wipe should be done, operating system upgrades is a big one that may affect you (or did), it is recommended to do a factory wipe after an operating system upgrade, whether manually or OTA upgraded, this will remove any possibility of old settings causing issues.

    People should be prepared to wipe at anytime, that sounds crazy but it is not uncommon to need to wipe to correct things that can go wrong. Always use Google to store contacts, regularily backup SMS, use IMAP/Exchange type email (where messages are stored on the server, not the phone), store downloads/documents/media on SD card rather than phone storage, take screen shots of home screens periodically.

    So to answer your question, should it be part of regular maintenance? No, I don't think so. Should it be a step in troubleshooting that you shouldn't be scared to do? Yes, absolutely!
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  4. DrH

    DrH Member

    Hadn't heard that about doing a wipe after an upgrade -- but given the number of problems I have heard about after upgrades, it does make sense.

    I'm not an uber-geek, but this is my seventh PDA/smartphone. So, I have had some experience. With the proliferation of cloud based storage, I have to say resuming after this wipe was a cakewalk compared to previous devices.

    And, boy, I was ready to ditch the Strat before the wipe but it still is running like out-of-the-box new so ... I won't be afraid to do reset in the future!
  5. My fiancee has this phone and for what ever reason she has issues with the phone not receiving my txt messages and most of the mms messages I send her. We both use GO SMS pro as our messaging app. Would a factory reset help with this or could it be something with the app itself. And as far as I know the stock messaging app doesnt get them either. So any thoughts would be great.
  6. saptech

    saptech Well-Known Member

    I've been using Go SMS Pro for a few months and haven't seen any issues sending/receiving text messages but hardly ever use it for mms messages. But I do think you need to be using 3/4G to send/receive mms messages, at least with Verizon.

    I would try clearing the cache for Go SMS Pro and if that doesn't work try uninstalling/reinstalling it first. I would make a factory reset a last resort. Be sure to backup important data before doing it.
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  7. I will try that. Thanks.
  8. saptech

    saptech Well-Known Member

    Keep us informed of how it work out.

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