Wiping with Cynogen 6.0

  1. Danokan

    Danokan Well-Known Member

    According to several statements and threads by several people:

    Froyo has a built-in feature that if you wipe it will RETAIN your apps (at least some of them).

    So if you are having issues with an app, and you wipe and re-flash, that app may still be there with the same issues.

    I have already experienced this. As far as I know, no other ROM has this issue.

    Here is what I had to do:

    While the phone is booted:

    1. Menu>Privacy>Factory data reset

    2. Go into recovery

    3. Completely wipe everything and I do mean EVERYTHING

    4. Move ROM back over to Sd card and flash it

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  2. dmm5157

    dmm5157 Well-Known Member

    thanks for the heads up. Just moved to 2.2 and haven't had any problems yet but it's good to know anyways.
  3. Danokan

    Danokan Well-Known Member

    This is from another post on the xda forums concerning this issue:

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