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  1. locoyosh

    locoyosh New Member

    I have an Optimus V and I'm trying to find a pair of wired in ear earbuds with a mic that will be compatible.

    I'm not looking to re-mortgage the house for a set of buds, a set under $30 is about all I'd be comfortable spending.

    It seems like unless you have a blackberry or an iphone nothing is compatible.

    Any feedback from other Optimus V or Optimus S owners would be appreciated!

  2. chilinski

    chilinski Member

    A search on Amazon alone for "LG optimus headset" turns up a lot of options for as low as $3. Some are OEM replacement parts.

    I suspect almost any headset with a TRRS tip will work. TRRS has four sections on the tip...one for the mic, one for the right channel, one for the left channel and the innermost one for ground. I think the wiring scheme is pretty standard. Standard stereo headphones are TRS and are divided into only three sections (ground, left, right).
  3. locoyosh

    locoyosh New Member

    Believe me, I've searched amazon (and other sites) at least a dozen times and read probably 60-80 descriptions and hundreds of reviews of products.

    In my searching there appeared to be a number of people who complained about the mic feature not working with their particular phone. For whatever reason compatibility is an issue with these earbuds from device to device. There are at least 9 different Optimus phones that I know of, and it seems like buds aren't compatible between everyone of them. The V and S seem to be the same phone, that's why I'm looking for input from those owners.

    Also, I'm looking for "in ear" style earbuds... a lot of the oem buds that come up are not in ear, they're like the style that came with my phone and constantly pop out of my ear.

    Thanks again for any input!
  4. chilinski

    chilinski Member

    I have another suggestion.

    Look up Jabra Clipper. This is a bluetooth device into which you can plug any earbuds/headphones you desire. It is very small and is designed to clip onto your clothing. The mic is built into the clip. It is also rainproof.

    I bought one for $42 with plans of using on my motorcycle with my phone. I can attach the clipper to the face shield where it is still accessible, protected and near my mouth. I have tested it with the phone, and it paired without an issue and worked fine. I haven't tested it on the bike yet because I had knee surgery last week and am not up to that yet.

    The drawback, of course, is that the Clipper needs to be charged and bluetooth will suck the phone's battery.

    The V and S and T on the phone model signifies the carrier (V-Verizon, S-Sprint, T-TMobile). I's surprised to hear that there are compatibility issues with the wired mic/headsets. It was my understanding that they were all wired under the same standards (tip being the mic, the two rings for left and right channel and the shield for ground).

    Sorry I can't be of any help whatsoever.
  5. feigndeaf

    feigndeaf Active Member

    I have these:

    SkullCandy Ink'd

    They were on sale for $15 at Sports Authority. They are not only crystal clear for music, but work great for phonecalls. It's especially nice when I am jogging and someone calls.
  6. chilinski

    chilinski Member

    While looking for something else, I found this today.


    It basically shows that there are two different alignments for the TRRS connector. The IPhone and Android reverse the ground/mic pins. This would explain why some work and some do not. Unfortunately, KVConnection doesn't list the Optimus, so it would take some trial and error to determine which pinout you need.
  7. locoyosh

    locoyosh New Member

    That's interesting about the two different alignments, it's a shame too, because there are a lot of buds out there that are listed as Iphone compatible. oh well!

    I actually ordered a pair of Altec Lansing US Backbeat Classics, yesterday was the first day I used them and I am pleased so far. The mic works and the sound is nice, they are the in ear type and didn't fall out of my ears at all. After shipping on amazon they cost $24.51... not bad if they last me a while.

    It's a shame that there are so many buds for sale, and after you weed out the pairs that aren't compatible or have hoorible reviews you're left with very few to choose from.

    Thanks for all your input!
  8. John23

    John23 New Member

    I just started searching for earbuds for the Optimus V. The link to https://www.kvconnection.com/Articles.asp?ID=165
    is very interesting. I do not see the Optimus V listed but there is useful info there that can be converted by using info from another thread.

    When I looked at this link
    for discount earbuds for the Optimus V, down toward the bottom is a list of compatible phones including the Optimus V and the LG VX9700. (so the LGVX9700 and the Optimus V must have the same ear/mic jack)

    The LG VX9700 is also listed as being compatible with the iphone style earbuds from the

    That would mean the Optimus V is compatible with any earbud/mic that can be used on the iphone style pinout (including many types like the Skullcandy INK'd Earbuds with In-Line Microphone, etc. . . ).

    Thanks for the link to the kvconnection, it filled in the info I was missing.


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