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Wirefly MetroPCS GS3 $399.00

Last Updated:

  1. XtianZark

    XtianZark Well-Known Member

    I just noticed the GS3 is back down to 399.00 on wirefly..

    for anyone interested in coming to the dark side and saving a hundred bucks..

  2. twogbsd

    twogbsd Well-Known Member

    $379.99 at Fry's online ;)
  3. alfick3

    alfick3 Well-Known Member

  4. twogbsd

    twogbsd Well-Known Member

    Those bastards.....
  5. AP2FTW

    AP2FTW Well-Known Member Contributor

    400 no shipping/no tax is still a decent savings ($150 after taxes if you get it from metro) for an awesome phone
  6. THE W

    THE W Well-Known Member

    got mine off ebay. $405 including taxes and shipping. arrived in 3 days.
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  7. elcocho852

    elcocho852 Well-Known Member

    The GSIII is now 429 on wirefly.. Hopefully it goes down to 300 since the GS4 is coming out in a few days..
  8. OcalaFlGuy

    OcalaFlGuy Well-Known Member

    The fact that Anyone Else *besides* Metro is getting the S4 soon has no reflection on the Wirefly price for a Metro phone.

    Now, Maybe When and If Metro announces the S4 coming to Metro but I wouldn't be holding your breath on that one.

    [EDIT] and Really over thinking it, the Last thing you want to hear from Metro in the next couple months is that Metro is getting the S4. To me, that would mean they Metro don't believe the merger is going thru. (Or they'd just wait for T-Mo to get their S4)

    Bruce in Ocala, FL
  9. Gman9831

    Gman9831 I'm no Senior

    Or Samsung releases only a version fully compatible with all the top 5 US carriers.

    Not really that hard its just the problems with the 700MHz band that's been going on, tmobile runs the same bands as AT&T except the 700MHz. Now metro runs the same bands as US Cellular & Verizon & Sprint except Sprints weirdo bands & Verizon's 700MHz band. Also all the current S3's have CDMA & GSM chips. So if they really wanted to do it they could.
  10. THE W

    THE W Well-Known Member

    I remember saying before how I wouldn't get another phone for at least another 2 years.

    Never say never.
  11. n4zty

    n4zty Well-Known Member

    justin beiber will be sending u a letter from his lawyer - lol epic movie title

    yea i agree never is a strong word i would rather say for now i wont be looking into buying another phone. but i tell u what the gs3 has held more than its weight in gold i mean the phone is almost flawless.
  12. THE W

    THE W Well-Known Member

    The custom ROMs give this phone 200% more value for the money.
  13. Ubercharrge

    Ubercharrge Well-Known Member

    Right? The SEXY screen, performance, and roms are why i'm interested in this phone.
  14. Shabbypenguin

    Shabbypenguin Well-Known Member Developer

    you guys need to stop being such samsung fanboys, you are gunna upset teh poor coolpad quattro owners who recently got root but no roms or anything to flash :(
  15. averagewonder

    averagewonder Well-Known Member

  16. Slickinator

    Slickinator Well-Known Member

    That phone's like the Galaxy Attain of 2013
  17. Shabbypenguin

    Shabbypenguin Well-Known Member Developer

    the admire 4g is the new attain, except the attain has root :p
  18. elcocho852

    elcocho852 Well-Known Member

    The metropcs webpage is offline?? They are making new changes hopefully the gs3 is going down in price despite the gs4 is coming out in a few hours... go see for yourself??
  19. OcalaFlGuy

    OcalaFlGuy Well-Known Member

    Dream on.

    No changes.

    Just because the S4 intros **somewhere** today has Nothing to do with Metro and any S4.

    Not anytime soon anyway.

    Bruce in Ocala, FL

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