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Wireless Android Phone PC Sync Tool

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  1. yufenghuang2003

    yufenghuang2003 New Member

    FREE PC software for managing contents on Android Phone - Android Manager WiFi .[FONT=&#26032][/FONT]
    Android Manager WiFi allows the Android phone to connect with PC wirelessly via WiFi and it does the following data sync features:[FONT=&#26032][/FONT]
    * Contacts: Edit and Backup Contacts.[FONT=&#26032][/FONT]
    * Messages: Send and Backup Short Messages at PC.[FONT=&#26032][/FONT]
    * Photos: Import and organize photos with albums. Edit and Upload photos to Android Phone as wallpaper.[FONT=&#26032][/FONT]
    * Videos: Management of video files.[FONT=&#26032][/FONT]
    * Music: iTunes-like interface to manage music files and playlist.[FONT=&#26032][/FONT]
    * Applicaitons: Install APK file and backup applications at PC.[FONT=&#26032][/FONT]
    * Files: Manage files in Android Phone.[FONT=&#26032][/FONT]
    * Sync: Synchronization Contacts/Calendar with Outlook,Outlook Express and Windows Contacts.[FONT=&#26032][/FONT]
    Manage and Backup all contents Quickly and Securely with PC. [FONT=&#26032][/FONT]
    No need to worry about the leakage of private information or losting,breaking, and switching phone.[FONT=&#26032][/FONT]
    It is a FREE software, support all Android Phones, and can be downloaded from here.(http://global.mobileaction.com/product/product_AM.jsp)




  2. Bradden

    Bradden Well-Known Member

    It looks interesting.. are you the developer?

    Has anyone tried this software.. I'd like to know what people think.

  3. herrmann

    herrmann Member

    It does look interesting. So I installed it and tried it out, all seemed to work fine. Not a bad program on first impression, easy to use and well laid out....

    Except when I went back into Outlook, there were duplicates of all my calendar items, except with the time about 1 hour earlier. All full day entries showed as busy so blue lines all over my calendar, and the day entries had alarm reminders set (so I guess they would go off at midnight).

    I organise my contacts into categories. It duplicated all my contacts, except didn't give the duplicates a category, so at least they were easy to delete.

    Perhaps, if you started with a clean phone it may be ok, but I had already been syncing with HTC sync. I've been having USB problems with HTC sync which is why I tried this program.

    I'm not game to use it again, cos I don't want to have to go through my calendar and manually delete all the excess entries again. It really made a mess. YMMV
  4. iavswn

    iavswn Well-Known Member

    Looks really nice.
  5. riskaa

    riskaa Well-Known Member

    I tried this program too and had the same problem you did. I think you're right - you have to start off with a fresh phone.

    I think it would work well for the COntacts, but for the calendar - i categorize all my calendar events - work/social/medical etc...and on testing a few items, it seems like it only syncs to the default "my calendar" on the phone. I'm on a samsung Vibrant - which still has Android 2.1. They are working on the 2.2 calendar sync, so i really hope it supports categories.

    Seems to work well for everything else though - music, files, videos etc.
  6. koyerinde

    koyerinde New Member

    I had tried to installed an older version "PC Manager" which works through a USB connection. It didn't install. Now I am unable to install android wifi manager agent on my phone. It says to uninstall 'the older' version and the PC Manager is activated but cannot be uninstalled.

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