Wireless charging pad - how to purchase?Tips

  1. crsgardner

    crsgardner New Member

    Recently ordered a Droid Maxx but not seeing any way to purchase a wireless charging pad on either Verizon or Motorola's site. Apparently it uses the Qi protocol (according to the Q&A section on Verizon's site). Does that mean I can pick up basically any Qi charger and it will work?

  2. 18t

    18t Well-Known Member

    yes any charger that uses qi. i personally would choose the dt-900, but thats just me personally.
  3. lewwill

    lewwill Well-Known Member

    I ordered the TYLT VU, a little pricey, but doubles as a desktop stand. The good thing is you don't have to get a new desk dock when you upgrade phone if you get Qi wireless charging. Looks like that is the coming standard. Good reviews. You can get it thru Verizon for $69.99 and Amazon for $99.99. I ordered thru Verizon:). Here is a good review from XDA site.
  4. notalent_assclowns

    notalent_assclowns Active Member

    I just ordered that one from ATT, for only $24.50 (Amazon has it for over $40). Haven't gotten it yet or used wireless charging before, so I can't comment on the quality.

    Nokia Black Wireless Charging Plate accessories from AT&T
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  5. 18t

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