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  1. darthramen

    darthramen Member

    I've been having this problem since day-1 but was curious is anybody else has experienced it as well.

    I have a stock Motorola Droid3 (Verizon) and the LG wireless charging pad sold by Verizon as well as the wireless charging battery cover for the phone.

    I charge my phone overnight on my night stand next to my bed using the wireless charging pad (that is, the wireless charging pad is on the night stand, its AC adapter is plugged into a power outlet on the wall, and the phone is placed, face up, on the charging pad).

    During the night, my phone will act as if somebody is trying to use the phone. At times, there will be a bunch of dots showing up as if somebody has entered numbers to try to unlock my phone. Other times, the phone will have an error message on the screen stating that only emergency numbers can be dialed when the phone is locked.

    Last night, my phone had dialed the FAX number to one of my ICE contacts twice. Each time I got woken up by the annoying FAX sound... I fumbled for the phone, hit "end call" and turned off the screen.

    My concern is that one of these nights, the dang thing will dial 911 and I will be woken up by police at my front door.

    I spoke with Verizon Wireless tech support just now and they claim that nobody else has reported this issue. Is this true? am I the ONLY ONE experiencing this problem?

    Thanks for any feedback/suggestions.

  2. Luzce

    Luzce Active Member

    Um... do you have a cat? How about a 1 year old?

    That's too weird...
  3. DeadChex

    DeadChex Well-Known Member

    My guess is because its an LG pad, droids touchscreens have problems with some chargers because of the way the chargers are made or how they are defective. I won't go into the details, but its a problem with the droid detecting the charger as a ground. Try putting something metal on the droid or something like that.

    Dont blame me if what i said kills/bricks/makes fire/makes you a millionaire. Do so at your own risk
  4. darthramen

    darthramen Member

    Luzce - no cats and no kids (yet)... no other small pets.

    DeadChex -The LG charger is the only charger that Verizon sells -- I talked to TechSupport to find out if I could get an official Moto charger pad, and they told me that the LG was the "official" charging pad supported by Vz.

    Since I'm not getting any other replies indicating that others are experiencing this problem, perhaps I have bad hardware... maybe some filter circuit or something is broken and the inductive charging is interfering with my phone.

    Thanks for your replies -- I guess I will go to a Vz store and see if I can get my hardware swapped out.
  5. darthramen

    darthramen Member

    it's been a while and I've now gone through the following steps with Vz Techs:

    1. replaced phone... continued using LG pad and charging battery door - no luck, still saw activity on the phone while it is on the pad.

    2. replaced LG pad... again, no luck.

    3. replaced wireless charging battery door... still, no luck.

    So after more than a month of working with Vz Tech and swapping out parts, I now have a completely different phone, charging pad, and battery cover, and STILL the phone wants to do things on its own while it's on the charging pad.

    I've also tried charging on the pad at home on different outlets and at work (to eliminate a bad outlet/power possibility) and still see the same behaviour.

    Does anybody else have this problem? I can't believe that I'm the only one experiencing this with, now, 2 stock Droid 3 and official wireless charging equipment.

    Any suggestions (other than "Ditch the wireless charging") would be greatly appreciated.
  6. doogald

    doogald Guides Guide

    I'll start this by saying that I do not have the wireless charging cover, though I am thinking about it, but Motorola says that it works with any charger pad that is part of the Wireless Power Consortium, or Qi-Standard. I know that Eveready sells a Qi-standard charging pad. Here is a link to Amazon showing their single position charging pad:


    Here is the battery door product page at Moto that says that it supports any WPC charging pad: Wireless Charging Battery Cover for DROID 3 - Overview - Motorola Mobility, Inc. USA

    So, I hate to suggest spending more money, but you could try a different pad.

    Also, I suppose that you could put the phone in airplane mode or something while it is charging to prevent the accidental dials. That does sound strange.
  7. Coho1

    Coho1 Active Member

    Does the issue occur if it is just plugged in normally?
  8. darthramen

    darthramen Member

    @doogald - Getting a different wireless charging pad is on my list of things to try. It looks like the LG mat uses Qi -- I think Energizer uses the same technology. Also, I'd prefer to not have to put my phone in airplane mode -- sometimes I'm on call and need to hear my phone.

    @Coho1 - this does not happen with non-wireless charging. If I plug a microUSB cable to charge, the phone charges fine without these odd behaviour.

    I *DID* speak with another Vz Tech yesterday and he suggested I remove my screen protector. His logic was that perhaps the screen protector (or its adhesive layer) may be interacting with the inductive field from the charging mat and causing stray touch activity on the touch screen.

    I followed his suggestion and removed the screen protector and placed the phone on the charging mat, but it still misbehaved.

    I'm curious if anyone has the reverse of my problem -- that is, if anyone has a D3 and the wireless charging mat and has NO problems.

    Again, thanks for all your feedback and suggestions.
  9. darthramen

    darthramen Member

    ...just in case anybody else runs into this problem and happens to stumble upon this thread...

    After returning the "official" charging mat (manufactured by LG) and purchasing an Energizer qi wireless charging mat, AND removing my screen protector (suggestion from Vz tech that perhaps its adhesive was capturing heat from the inductive field causing misreadings on the touch screen) my phone was still exhibiting the original symptoms.

    I've decided to abandon wireless charging... my phone no longer dials out in the middle of the night.
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  10. superflybribri

    superflybribri Well-Known Member

    I actually have this same problem. My phone is also on the LG Charging Pad sold by Verizon. I can hear my phone trying to push its own buttons. So far it has only mad a text message. The phone is usually locked with the Pattern Security so I just hear it making clicking noises but it never gets through. Quite a weird and true problem.
  11. redsox985

    redsox985 Well-Known Member

    This is just weird. It's not that radical of a concept. Why can't Moto figure it out?
  12. synpse

    synpse New Member

    I left my Droid3 charging ontop of a closed Dell laptop one night, and awoke to the same thing. I though it had something to do with the LCD or heat or electricity causing the touchscreen to get touched.

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